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1. Are you ready for 156 questions? No not really. 2. was your last relationship a mistake? No. 3. do you miss your last relationship? No. 4. who did you last say I love you to? Landon Johnson. (: 5. do you regret it? No! 6. have you ever been depressed? Yes. 7. are you a boy or girl? Girl. 8. are you insecure? Yes. 9. what is your relationship status? In a relationship. 10. how do you want to die? I dont know.. 11. what did you last eat? Chicken. 12. have you played any sports? Yess. 13. do you bite your nails? Sometimes. 14. when was your last physical fight? I aint been in one. 15. do you have an attitude? Yess! 16. do you like someone? Yes! 17. what is your real name? Jamison Leigh Wiggins. 18. have you ever read a book? Yeah. 19. do you hate anyone at the moment? I dislike a lot of people but I dont hate them. 20. do you miss anyone? Yes! 21. twirl or cut your spaghetti? Cut. 22. do you tan a lot? Yes. 23. have any pets? Yes. 24. how exactly are you feeling? Confused. 25. ever eaten food in a car while someone was driving? Yeah. 26. would you take any of your exes back? Nope. 27. are you scared of spiders? YES! 28. would you go back in time if you were given the chance? No. 29. do you regret anything from your past? No, because the things I did is how I have became the person I am today. 30. what are you plans for this weekend? Go to church. 31. do you want to have kids? Yess. 32. do you type fast? Yeahh. 33. do you have piercings? No. 34. do you want more piercings? No. 35. can you spell well? No. 36. do you miss anyone from your past? Yess! 37. what are you craving right now? I dont know. 38. ever been to a bonfire party? Yess a lot. 39. ever had a silly band? Yeahh. 40. ever been on a horse? Yeahh. 41. ever kissed someone in a pickup truck? Nope. 42. ever broken anyones heart? Yes. 43. have you ever been cheated on? Yes a few times. 44. ever made your boyfriend/ girlfriend cry? No. 45. are you thinking of someone right now? Yeahh! 46. would you live with someone without marryin them? Idk. 47. what should you be doing? Idk. 48. whats irritating you right now? Umm... 49. does somebody love you? I guess. 50. what is your favorite color? Blue. 51. have you ever changed clothes in a car? Yes. 52. milk chocolate or white chocolate? Milk. 53. do you have trust issues? Yess. 54. bestfriends? Christopher Ghorley. Landon. Sydney Davis. & a few more. 55. longest relationship? 6 months. 56. do you believe your most recent ex thinks about you? Um maybe. I really dont know.. 57. who was the last person you cried in front of? Jaelyn Treglown. 58. do you give 2nd chances too easily? Yes. 59. is it easier to forgive or forget? Forgive. 60. is this year the best year of your life? Yes so far. 61. what was your childhood nickname? Tinkerbell. 62. have you ever walked outside completely naked? no. 63. favorite food? Pizza. 64. do you believe everything happens for a reason? Yess. 65. what is the last thing you did before you went to bed last night? Cried. 66. did you have a dream last night? Yes. 67. what is bothering you? Nothing. 68. ever been outta state? Yess. 69. do you play Wii? No. 70. are you listening to music right now? No. 71. do you like Chinese food? Kinda. 72. who are you texting right now? No one. 73. are you afraid the dark? Yeah.... 74. are you mean? Sometimes. 75. can you keep white shoes clean? Yes. 76. do you believe in true love? Yes. 77. favorite weather? Summer. 78. do you like the snow? Not really. 79. does it snow a lot where you live? No. 80. do you like the outside? Yes. 81. are you currently bored? Yes. 82. do you want to get married? Yes! 83. is it cute when a boy/ girl calls you baby? 84. are you hungry? No. 85. what makes you happy? Being with my friends. 86. would you change your name? No. 87. ever been to alaska? No. 88. ever been to Hawaii? No. 89. do you watch the news? No. 90. do you love mtv? No. 91. do you like subway? No. 92. your best friend of the opposite gender likes you; what do you do? I have no idea. 93. why did you decide to do this quiz? Cause I was bored. 94. have you ever seen someone you knew & purposely avoided them? Yes. 95. do you have a friend of the opposite gender that you can be yourself around? Yeah. 96. who was the last person of the opposite gender you talked to? Landon. 97. do you feel good? 98. who was the last person you had a deep conversation with? Jaelyn. 99. favorite lyrics right now? Baby Im amazed by you. 100. can you count to 1 million? If I tried maybe. 101. ever failed a class? Yes. 102. ever used a little brown sack for lunch? No. 103. ever had a job? No. 104. ever slipped on ice? No. 105. ever left the house without money? Yes. 106. ever played on a sports team? Yeah. 107. ever watched the breakfast club? No. 108. ever been overweight? No. 109. ever had an eating disorder? No. 110. ever been to a wedding? Yes. 111. ever been in a wedding? Yes. 112. ever made fun of someone for being fat? Nope. 113. ever stayed on the computer for 5 hours straight? Yes. 114. ever been late for work? No. 115. ever been late for school? Yes. 116. ever failed a drivers test? Nope. 117. ever ran a mile in less than 10 minutes? I dont remember. 118. ever been outside my country? No. 119. ever been on a road trip for more than 5 hours? Yes. 120. ever got your heart broken? Yes a lot! 121. ever had a credit card? No. 122. ever been on a professional sports team? No. 123. ever broken a bone? Nope. 124. even been unhappy about my weight? Yes. 125. ever won a trophy? Yes. 126. ever cut myself for no reason? No. 127. ever got engaged? No. 128. ever been on tv? No. 129. ever been on a diet? No. 130. ever rode in a taxi? Yes. 131. ever been to prom? Nope. But I will in April. 132. ever stayed up for 24 hours or more? Yes. 133. ever had braces? No. 134. ever learned a different language? No. 135. ever killed an animal? No. 136. do you wear makeup? Yes. 137. ever talked to someone via webcam? No. 138. ever have wisdom teeth taken out? Nope but am in 6 months. 139. ever snuck out of your house? No. 140. ever dyed your hair? Yes. 141. ever graduated from college? No. 142. ever wore someone elses clothes? Yeahh. 143. ever rode in a helicopter? Nopee. 144. ever rode in an ambulance? Nope. 145. ever got in a verbal fight? Yes. 146. ever met someone famous? Yes! 147. ever been on a vacation? Yeah every summer. 148. ever been on an airplane? No. 149. ever been on a boat? Yes. 150. ever broken something expensive? Yes. 151. ever had surgery in my life? Yes. 152. ever beat a video game? I dont play video game. 153. ever been in a fist fight? No. 154. ever find something valuable on the ground? No. 155. ever prank called someone? Yes! 156. did these look fun to do? Not really...
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