61-0108 REVELATION.CHAPTER.FOUR.3_ JEFFERSONVILLE.IN ROJC 645-716 SUNDAY_ 10 And you find gifts and so forth creeping up in the church, and the operation of these gifts. Before you let it go to operating and things, first... Feel it pressing on your heart... Now, the enemy is real slick. See? And thats just what tears the churches to pieces every time, is a true gift operated wrong. See? Something God is trying to do, and operated wrong, itll just--itll just simply... Not only hurt you, but itll tear the whole church up. See? Consult it, take it through and through the Bible, then test it and see if its God or not. Just keep testing it and trying, see if its perfect right down the line and right with the Word. Then youre all right, see. As long as the Word has said it would be here, would operate this certain way, stay right with it. Dont never get off, no matter what anybody does, how real it seems to be. If it doesnt reflect in the Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation, leave it alone. Dont take no chances, were in the last days when Satan is just deceiving as he can be
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