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About five hours ago, I was sitting at the parish hall of Talamban, Cebu City giving a lecture on Peoples Initiative to Abolish the Pork Barrel. An old teacher from the University of San Carlos who taught me some of the courses in Religious Education (REED), stood up and gave her comment saying DAP is not PDAF and therefore not a pork barrel. She urged the community not to sign yet on the bases of only one primer the primer of PIAP because she said they also had a primer, that of CCMPEL. The primer I gave was very clear that DAP is a presidential pork barrel and was also among those pork barrel cases filed in the supreme court that meted the SC verdict as unconstitutional and DAP as a form of presidential pork barrel. I dont understand why she disagreed and told the people, to be wary and study more before giving up their signature. She later revealed that she got her orientation from Cebu CA Judge Gabriel Ingles presentation that according to her was more objective as she asserted that DAP is not a pork barrel and was done in good faith. So CCMPEL as a detractor of PIAP wants to impose the lie that DAP is not pork barrel and is done in good faith. The problem is that one cannot overstate ignorance of the law to assert good faith. A constitutional violation is an act of treason. One cannot argue that he has to violate the constitution to be able to do good works for the poor. It is sad to note that we have CCMPEL working hard to derail our tasks at the community. It has been almost, and always getting into our way and making means to stall the PIAP. That is really bad. On the other hand, it is time that the masses must look into the culpability of the Aquino administration on the manipulation of the PCOS machines last May 2013 elections. It was during these elections when the PCOS combination was manipulated to a 60(LP)-30(UNA)-10(IND.) turn out of votes. The National Transformation Council (NTC) are zipping their mouths for fear that when this is revealed there will be revolution that will take place. This is too much. Rex Jma Fernandez Stella Palomo Monteño Obet de CastroRandy Felix MalayaoMary Iway Angelique Kay Consular CJ Banghulot Danielle De los Reyes Carl Angelo Balderama Miguel Ramonkito Sontillaño Mendoza Stefan Miguel del Rosario Rolly Villaneza
Posted on: Sun, 09 Nov 2014 14:19:58 +0000

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