Amos Wilson THE FALSIFICATION OF AFRIKAN CONSIOUSNESS Disturbances of thought, emotions, motivational and values priorities, and psychological processes in blacks are the unavoidable outcome of their oppression by whites. To be oppressed is by definition to have ones thought processes disturbed; emotions impaired; motives and values inverted; and ones bodily functions imbalanced. There can be no normality of consciousness and conduct for blacks as long as they remain dominated by whites—merely socially acceptable or unacceptable adjustments to the ever-changing demand by that characteristics of white supremacy. The normality of blacks under white domination is by that circumstance, above all, a pathological— normality disturbances in black consciousness and behavior which are deemed serviceable and beneficial to the needs of their white oppressors. The alleged normality or abnormality of black consciousness under white supremacy requires that blacks involuntarily and obsessively deceive themselves. This collective self deception which is the benchmark of oppressed black consciousness, is the main product of White-Black social power relations. Motivated by anxiety and ignorance, founded on the denial and distortion of reality. Both the normality and abnormality of black consciousness and behavior as reproduced by the power relations of white supremacy, also require that they operate against their own best interest in the interest of their white oppressors; that they be self-denying self-defeating, and often times self-destructing, while convincing themselves that the opposite is true.
Posted on: Mon, 27 Oct 2014 15:37:35 +0000

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