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Another beautiful Ozark Morning outside My Little Widow, 50° and the sun rising on a cloudless sky. There is just enough breeze to wiggle the leaves on the trees. Yesterday was a wash for outside activities, but I did get a lot of football watched. Navy, OU, OSU, all were victors, but Arkansas and Tulsa were not. Cal2Okie pt6 day5 We woke up the morning of the fifth day, and after breakfast, we broke camp and loaded everything back on the trailer. Our luck was holding and we did not breakdown in Tucumcari, we put that rig back on I-40 and knew we would be in Oklahoma that day, not sure how far but we had our sights set on Henryetta KOA. We crossed the border into Texas, and I was sure to fill up with gas before we hit Amarillo so we wouldn’t have to get off the freeway in Amarillo. We were enjoying the fact that there were no major hills to climb but we still stopped every so far to let the kids stretch and just to see the scenery around us. We again stopped at a few tourist traps and bought postcards from the area. Nema spent her time taking pictures and I concentrated on the upcoming Oklahoma City area. As we crossed the border into Oklahoma, we passed Erick, and I explained to the kids that this was where their grandmother grew up. She grew up with Roger Miller, and Sheb Wooley. I was happy I was in Oklahoma, now to cross this state to Westville. I again found a place to grab gas before the OKC area, it was getting close to dusk when we passed through there, and I just wanted to get around there and to our next stop. I was doing ok, and saw the sign for the Henryetta exit, so I made the exit and looked for a sign to the KOA, We stopped and looked at our Wal-Mart road atlas, and the KOA was in-between Henryetta and Checotah, so we got back on the freeway and headed east again. By the time we got to the KOA and checked in, it was around 9:30, and we made a hasty camp. We were excited, Tomorrow we would be in Westville Oklahoma, our new
Posted on: Sun, 06 Oct 2013 12:55:36 +0000

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