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Boko Haram: Why the US is in Nigeria, by envoy. To clear the bitterness against United States of America for not being able to help stop insurgency/ terrorism in Nigeria, Mrs Maria E. Brewer, Deputy Missioner, US. Embassy,Abuja, says his country has come to work with Nigeria and not for Nigeria. Brewer spoke while responding to audience question at the Hubert H.Humphrey 2014 Annual Lecture held at the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs, Lagos. Earlier in her keynote address, the diplomat, speaking under the theme, Managing Down Insurgency:The American Experience, affirmed that Nigeria is the United States’ most important strategic partner in Africa and wants Nigeria to win its war on terrorism. She said that the United States has learned that defeating terrorism requires more than just military power, saying it requires economic development in impoverished areas where extremism takes root, accessible education opportunities for all and a free and fair press that can report openly and without fear of reprisal. Brewer said, “Fighting terrorism requires civilian and military-leaders to work together to both defeat the enemy on the battle field and address the root causes of conflict. Focusing primarily on the population, rather than the enemy, and reinforcing the legitimacy of governments at the local, state and federal level, reduces the influence of terrorists. This can often only be achieved in concert with political reform to improve the quality of governance and address the underlying grievances of the community, many of which maybe legitimate”. Leave a Comment
Posted on: Sun, 07 Dec 2014 14:00:01 +0000

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