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British Steel members help put out house fire. What? Wait... I thought metal bands set fire to stuff!! On way home from Adelaide. Stopped at Buangor because I saw a house on fire off Highway, turned around, went to house and found a man collapsed on the gravel back street, Carolyn called 000 so did a neighbour, who hadnt noticed the fire til we shouted out to him. I made sure no-one else was in the house, turned power off, removed lpgas bottles near fire, Franceyne filled buckets with water and myself, Bob and neighbour ran back and forth to rear of house and around back to douse the flames. We all helped put out most of the fire before the CFA truck finally arrived, where the only CFA bloke unwound the hose and handed it to Bobby and we put out most of fire in the roof. The Ararat cfa arrived and other crew to remove a sheet of tin from roof and finally put it out. David the owner lives there by himself, since he suffered a stroke some time ago. He was more upset about not knowing where his cat was. Poor bugger. But he was not hurt and we saved the place from being destroyed. Rear room walls, some of roof will need rebuilding. Man! What a trip!! Cheers, Joe.
Posted on: Mon, 28 Apr 2014 07:35:12 +0000

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