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CREDIBLE OR INCREDIBLE: European Scientists managed to reproduce the real Universe Simulator ......... A group of scientists from the Universities of Leiden, Netherlands, and Durham, UK, have managed to create the most accurate simulation of the Universe. The Reason ?: For years, astronomers have studied the formation of galaxies using computer simulations, but with limited success. The galaxies that formed in previous simulations were often too big, too small, too old and too spherical. - Richard Bower (Co-author and member of the University of Durham) .Dijo: . The universe for the EAGLE computer generated, seems to be real. . There galaxies everywhere, in all shapes, sizes and colors that I saw with the largest telescopes in the world. . Thats Incredible, because in the universe EAGLE can even press a button to make time run backwards. Astronomers also able to incorporate strong galactic winds from the stars, supernova explosions and black holes. The winds play an important role in the formation of stars and galaxies, so its integration made even more accurate simulation. - Rob Crain (Co-author and member of the John Moores University in Liverpool) .Dijo: . Having developed this simulation that produced galaxies with similar characteristics to those observed galaxies, astronomers now be able to study the evolution of individual galaxies in detail. . This is the beginning of a new era for us. . Now we can manipulate the conditions of the universe and study the evolution of galaxies over the last 14,000 million years. The simulations were carried out for several months in the Cosmology Machine at the University of Durham and Curie in Paris, which are among the most powerful computers used for scientific research in the UK and France respectively. The team was led by the University of Leiden (Netherlands). He concluded the results, Joop Shaye (astronomer at the University of Leiden - The Netherlands), introduced in the magazine Royal Astronomical Society, under the Evolution and Assembly of Galaxies and Their Environments (EAGLE) Project name. The first version of this universe simulated which included the galactic wind, was published on January 1st of this year 2015. Undoubtedly, the mass, size and age of the galaxies created by using the EAGLE supercomputer are almost identical to the real ones. The galaxies formed in the simulation are much closer reflection of real galaxies thanks to strong galactic winds, EAGLE (Evolution and Assembly of Galaxies and Their Environments) that spread the necessary star formation gas. And you, who believes: Human achieved one day be to create your own universe ?. If you answer Yes, why? and if your answer is No, Why? . We want to know your opinion, because your opinion does matter ......... Here is the video of the real Universe Simulator: https://youtube/watch?v=A4lnrRPSJzs&
Posted on: Sat, 03 Jan 2015 21:32:38 +0000

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