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Culled off facebook. AL UTSAHA Experience at the todays CON-fab....... Day 1 Of The National Conference- Much Ado About Nothing By Bayo Adeyinka If the adage that the morning shows the day is anything to go by, Nigerians now have an idea of how the National Conference deliberations will turn out going by todays proceedings. Firstly, the entire Day 1 Proceedings lasted for under two hours, in spite of starting around 11.30am. In what is similar to the popular sitcom Fuji House of Commotion, the Conference got off to a feisty start with several comic contributions from the carefully selected delegates representing about 170 million Nigerians. The National Secretary of the Labour Party was more interested in the seating arrangement than anything else. In a Conference that is national in nature and outlook, should the seating arrangement be an issue? A representative of former senators was visibly concerned about how many aides and special assistants each delegate will be allowed to have. It is very apparent he missed the retinue of aides he had when he was a senator of the Federal Republic. But then does he need a Special Assistant to help him think? Mike Ozekhome wanted to know if a venue will be provided for Christians to pray since this is a Lenten period. Since he was released by kidnappers a few months ago, he has become very spiritual. I remember we were treated to prayer and thanksgiving sessions on TV when the kidnappers released him. I dont blame him, honestly. What else can you do than draw nearer to your Creator when your Government abdicates her responsibility? By the way, was his release a by-product of his prayers or ransom? A male delegate requested to know why people should be asked to vacate their seats for traditional rulers. In a democracy, all animals are equal, he must have reasoned. If this is not nipped in the bud, then all the delegates must prostrate and greet Kabiyesi oooo anytime a king wants to make a contribution. Is there going to be any debate concerning any traditional rulers contribution since they dare not challenge the second-in-command to the gods? But then, why should traditional rulers arrive late for the session? All that was on Sergeant Awuses mind was the arrangement for the accommodation made for them. Is it a terrace-duplex overlooking Aso Rock or a pent house in Maitama? Anyone who leaves the comfort of his personal house to discuss the troubles with Nigeria cannot afford to sleep in a less than standard apartment. Is Nigeria really worth the sacrifice? Atedo Peterside, the banking mogul who is now reputed for speaking from both sides of his mouth, observed that it was impossible to send an email at the Conference Venue and he requested for wifi access. The techie that he is, he needs broadband technology of the fastest frequency to function effectively. His performance will be hindered without Internet access and our nation can ill-afford that. Toeing Petersides line was the representative of the youth who called for a twitter handle to be created for the Conference. It will be nice to have tweets like Edwin Clark sleeps, snores during session and other patriotic tweets. Mimi Amande wants the Conference to close at 5pm daily instead of 6pm. Reason- to enable Christians fasting to get home and join their families to pray and break their fast. I thought fasting was a means of sacrifice. Is the Conference not a form of sacrifice for the nation? Musa Adede, after shouting that he had been marginalized, made an observation of immense national importance. The Conference started without an opening prayer! How come the distinguished leadership of the National Conference forgot this very important national routine? Even if all the clergy-members of the Conference observed their morning devotion today, is it not an acceptable key performance indicator for any Nigerian meeting including romantic liaisons between husbands and wives must start with prayers? We even pray on football fields during matches- we pray when we start and we pray when we lose. God bless Musa Adede for not allowing the Conference to fall into perfidy by that inaction. Sanni Zoro, the quintessential journalist wanted the Conference to adopt right titles and names of delegates. God forbid that Pastor Tunde Bakare is addressed as Mallam Tunde Bakare! That can start the dissolution of the geographical entity called Nigeria. Florence Ita Giwa, Mama Bakassi herself, requested for the removal of the flower vase on the High Table so she can see the Chairmans face clearly. Like the Yorubas will say, Oju loro wa. Mama Bakassi must know the import of making eye contacts from her days as the Presidential Liaison Officer at the National Assembly. Eye contact is very important when you are lobbying National Assembly members on important bills. With the eyes, you can know whether it is a yes, no or try harder. Finally, to round off the Day 1 Session, Pastor Tunde Bakare spoilt what was unarguably a very productive session by speaking about punctuality. Is this man a Nigerian at all? Does he not know that lecturing old men who are set in their ways is like teaching a fish how to fly? He also said delegates must pay personal aides and assistants from whatever they get from the Conference. What manner of man is this? He rejected the N12m largesse yesterday and now he is spoiling market for others? I can predict without looking at any crystal ball that this man will make more enemies than friends at this Conference. No wonder people didnt vote for him. He knows nothing about the national cake and he is at the national conference. As if all that was not enough, he complained about the chairman starting every statement with an Islamic citation stating that he can also start all his statements by saying Praise The Lord somebody. I pray they spare us that religious diatribes as we dont want to witness National Conference members wearing masquerade attires, white garments and choir robes like it happened in Osun State. By 12.30pm, people were already calling for adjournment. What a national conference, what a beginning! ......the average age of those nominated would be 50years. I want to ask, those that negotiated for our countrys independence, how old were they at that time? How old was Obasanjo when he became president? Or Gowon? Or Shagari? These spoilt children of pre and post independence, who got free education, free jobs, free food, free cars and great opportunities, are insisting that other generations must be kept imprisoned. Typical of black men whose minds are worse than their colonial masters.... -ZADOK OLUWADURHOTIMI __._,_.___
Posted on: Wed, 19 Mar 2014 11:12:12 +0000

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