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Delayed update of my workout yesterday, October 5 Workout: Ran outside Good afternoon from Magellan Island! After the departure of Saturjackers yesterday, I invited Geraldin, Jomer and Fretzel for a run from Mine Camp to smart tower then proceed to the vicinity of hilltop. We started at 4:30pm from Mine Camp then via New Camp (4:43pm) then climb and reached the tower at 4:52pm. We finally reached the end of the road from tower to hilltop at 5:14pm then back to tower after few minutes of island sighting. Reached the smart tower from hilltop at 5:27pm then New Camp at 5:37pm and finally arrived at the Mine Camp at 5:47pm before the strong winds and rains immediately behind with us. Running is a good therapy for insomnia or difficulty in sleeping. Without an adequate sleep, training for endurance will also be affected. One of the critical aspects of training and recovery after running is sleep. Getting adequate sleep is one component of the training and recovery cycle that is readily correctible. In fact, it’s indispensable. One of the fundamental rules of recovery is getting enough sleep to allow the body to repair itself. Fuel before the workout: banana, coffee and water Strengthening fuel along the way and recovery drink: water Strengthening workout: 100 pushups and 100 squats Recovery meal: cup of rice, beef afritada, fried fish Quote of the day: “In the Olympic Games, Indian and Pakistani teams have won several gold medals in field hockey while playing barefoot, and have had an impressive injury-free record.” ~ Parents for Barefoot Children website Photo feature: View along the trail and the small beautiful islands from hilltop
Posted on: Sun, 06 Oct 2013 08:45:25 +0000

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