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Fear. Love. Family. Money. Shame. Isolation. Perhaps some of you saw the Purple Purse campaign on GMA this morning. I was unaware of this organization and many of the others that are out there that offer help for domestic violence victims. Thankfully, my abuser left town ... I thought to keep from killing me, but it turns out he was running into the arms of a lover, Janice Yost Caldwell, who would help him to have me institutionalized. But, I serve a much bigger God Who led me to the truth before the straight jackets showed up..! Today, Chuck Gilliam drags out my divorce hoping to buy time while I struggle to survive. He has vowed to break me and not stop until I am left penniless and homeless. After losing my job of 22 yrs and all of my 401k, I am there ... except, I serve a mighty BIG GOD..! I am thankful that I am being empowered to share my story to bring healing and reach out to other victims. I am encouraged by all that I am learning as I continue to emerge from my isolation; and I am hopeful that he will someday get the help that he needs. Dont you know, I WILL PROUDLY BE CARRYING MY PURPLE PURSE as I transform from a victim to a survivor... ISA 41:10
Posted on: Tue, 16 Sep 2014 15:19:34 +0000

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