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GB Expansion: Get the sensational Vintage Disco single “Still On Time” presented by the German TV channel sixx now! The sensational new Vintage Disco single of the Italian sound collective GB EXPANSION is finally released as a download by Dr. Music Records. The Italian response to Right Said Fred surprises with an entertaining music video for their single, which reflects the happy atmosphere of the song magnificently. You definitely won’t be able to sit still while listening to “Still On Time” because the thrilling sound mix of Electro, Jazz, piano tones and blues guitars in combination with the groovy R ‘n’ B voice of singer Alex Fiorillo makes you move your legs. The current GB EXPANSION track is not only going to be an immediate success in his home country Italy. “Still On Time” also has the potential to be a surprising chart breaker far far north the Alps. Nevertheless, it easily keeps stuck in your head and lets you shake your hips expressively. Hit potential is surely given! Last year GB EXPANSION released their successful album “A Big Revolution…Now” and now it is finally time for new sounds! With their new single “Still On Time” they manage it again in a fascinating way to combine classical Vintage, Disco, Acid Jazz, Electro and Funk sounds into modern rhythms. Fans of Right Said Fred or Vintage Disco sounds should definitely prick up their ears, joy and happiness is guaranteed! The guys from Southern Italy get support by the number one women’s TV channel in Germany sixx, which presents the single in their program. GB EXPANSION’s commercial regarding their single is going to be broadcasted on German TV in the first week of December 2014. In the music video ”Still On Time” Alex Fiorillo is acting as a wise fitness guru. The video clip is an homage to famous aerobic scenes already known from music videos of Jennifer Lopez (“I‘m Glad“), Lady Gaga (“Marry The Night“) as well as Madonna (“Hung Up“) and especially Eric Prydz world famous choreography regarding “Call On Me“. “Still On Time“ fits that humorous tradition perfectly. The music video put a smile on your face and you want to know more about the Italian sound collective? Oh sure, just visit GB EXPANSION’s profile on Dr. Music Promotion’s website or check out gbexpansion where the band is looking forward to some comments about their single! Now celebrate with “Still On Time” and get the single directly as a download or enjoy it by streaming it: iTunes: Amazon MP3: 7Digital: Spotify:
Posted on: Wed, 10 Dec 2014 15:17:43 +0000

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