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GM FB friends & family: want to share with you, also if you can give me some info that could help me get through my newest medical condition (diabetes-type 2) Went to Dr Wed for small problem-became very serious when my blood & surgar count @ 500 ( normally should B between 100-125) they wanted me to go directly to hospital (Of course I refused) Dr. Gave me meds & stayed there for a couple more hrs, chked couple more times, showed went down some. Im on a very strict diet, No surgar @ all! (I miss my Pepsi!) have to watch my carbs-having problems trying to figure out what I can eat & drink (any suggestions let me know) I will be receiving my blood glucose monitor & supplies Monday by Mail from my ins Co. Getting older really stinks! Appreciate any suggestions that would help! Hope all has a great day & Happy 4th! Stay safe & enjoy friends & family!
Posted on: Thu, 03 Jul 2014 11:26:00 +0000

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