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Hello friends. Interesting thing about life, you never know what the Lord has in store for you. Many of you remember (sadly) the unspeakable tragedy that hit our little family late last year. My granddaughter, Isla Briann was born on Dec.17th, 2013, (also sharing her birthday with our current Pope, Francis). Ironically The Holy See had turned 77 years old that day, and Isla ended hers in 77 hours. She passed away from a chromosome abnormality called Trisomy-13 and she was laid to rest on Christmas Eve. Well, through all of the grieving, tears and many many prayers, Islas mommy (my daughter Katelyn) had been inspired in Islas demise, by dedicating her life to helping others. Yesterday... Our Katie was accepted into the Bachelor of Science Health Sciences program, at Mercy College of Health Sciences, (a.k.a. Pre-Med) Beginning with a Health Care career field of 86 applicants, Katie was the only person accepted (out of 11 selected) to qualify into the Physicians program. She will ultimately specialize in Pediatric Genetics. We are SO proud of you Katie and all that you have accomplished! To find out more about Trisomy-13 please visit baby Islas page at Islas Inspiring Initiative. Please. .. share that page to raise awareness. We love you, ...soon to be... Dr. Katelyn A. Lipovac D.O. :)
Posted on: Thu, 31 Jul 2014 21:11:28 +0000

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