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I just samtyms run through my page and look through pipos posts and see sam amusing things. Hahaha. Cant stop laughing. Most of you should be getting my likes and comments. I give all my friends an audience. But Facebook should be having a certain pill or demon of confidence. Sambabe, Ugandan I should stress, posted a really lovely picture in a bikini wire at a beach in some Porsche posture. In the background, a yellow painting of MTN blended in so well. I dont go to beaches so I dont know the place. Truth maybe that the rest of her came out hawt. Nice eyes, just a great skin complexion, hotly painted lips, the clothing just okay with great print. Eeeehhh...hmmmm....ahaaaa. But too bad, the scar just beneath the bum flooked the poor souls snap. Everyone commenting is just putting....hmmmm,nyc luk nwe? Her reply is...hehe, thanks ba dears Curiosity forced me to inbx n friend request one of the friends that commented and I asked, What amused u about that snap? She was so angry n her reply kept me asking myself... Wea did this girl get the guts to post this snap? QN.2, how do u women get to harvest scars on a bum? A bum for Gods sake. And remain confident to wear a bikini? Facebook demon for sure. Somebody advise me on this matter. Hahahaha. My counsel is beaten at it.
Posted on: Mon, 04 Aug 2014 11:59:53 +0000

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