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Id like to share something very disheartning that just happened to my grandmother in hopes that someone may know how to help resolve the situation and at the same time prevent it from happening to them or an elderly loved one. As you all know, my grandfather just passed away after a lengthy illness last month. My grandmother is 89 yrs. old and was still trying to care for him as much as she possibly could. She herself isnt in good health and has also had a stroke. They were both at a point where they needed to be looked after on a regular basis and this is the reason that Tony and I moved to Hanford just a mile from their home. Tony took care of anything around the house that they needed done and I managed their daily medications, took them to their doctors apts, and so on. Last week two men from Dish TV knocked on grandmas door when she was home alone and offered to save her money if she just switched from Comcast to Dish. Sounded good to her she thought. She said ok and let them come inside and install their equipment. They asked for a voided check to debit her acct. each month for the bill. That same evening she was so unhappy with the services that she decided she wanted Comcast back. She called Dish the next day to cancel and was told she would have to pay $480 for the early cancellation fee. She spoke to at least four different employees and the last person claimed to be the president of Dish and was very rude to say the least. They also said she would have to pay an additional $15.00 to have the dish removed from her roof. She has called the company twice now and they wont budge. Im really disapointed in this and feel that they have definitely taken advantage of the elderly in this situation. She wasnt aware of this early cancellation policy. Anyone with an ounce of understanding should take into consideration the facts involved here. She is 89 yrs. old, just lost her husband last month, has suffered a stroke herself, and has been under tremendous stress from the entire situation. She was not aware of this $480.00 charge if she wasnt happpy with Dish or she would have never agreed to have it installed. I received an advertisement from Dish today in our mail and had to actually put glasses on to read their fine print at the bottom of the add. If you cancel its $20.00/mo for 24mos. that you have to pay. Worst example of poor business Ive seen in a long time. If they were an honorable company that truly cared about their customers they would take into consideration the factors involved in this situation. This is a definite example of how our elderly citizens are taken advantage of when their loved ones cant be with them 24/7 to protect them from the wolf in sheeps clothing. We were actually considering giving Dish a try, but not after this dishonest stunt they pulled. I wonder if Channel 47 On Your Side would be interested in hearing about this company and another way that our elderly are gettting taken advantage of? Lisa Skaggs Perkins
Posted on: Wed, 02 Apr 2014 03:02:17 +0000

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