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If you are called to serve by the Lord, or act on His CALLING, seek first HIS Kingdom in Spirit. And such formation are given inside the Catholic Church... all you need is to answer His Call and join the Church formation to know more about your faith as a member of the Catholic church forming the Body of Christ. This is what I call as Faith in Spirit and Truth in and with the Body of Christ working as One with the Triune God. This is also what I call as UNITY of Man to God, as I do believe that I am called by God to be His child and be a member of His Holy Family. With regards to my duty as a citizen of the country, I also need to know the citizens community so I also joined in the Urban Poor conferences, Cooperative training and the Parent Value Formation to help me become a good citizen as well working with the people surrounding me and give my respect to the higher authority or Administrator of the land, as what I am saying in one of my advocacy that men should be united to the leaders of the land as well as public servants giving and serving with utmost honesty among their citizens.
Posted on: Sat, 23 Aug 2014 02:11:52 +0000

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