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If youve ever really considered mind over matter doing some positive affirmations the proper way really having an impact on yourself mentally listen to this young man explain why it works how it works and how to use it you will need 15 to 30 minutes one to listen to it and 15 minutes to do the self talk. Its a process well worth listening to. Back in the day when I really did my positive affirmations Dr. Wayne Dyer Your erroneous zones was quite informative as well as Dale Thompson. But I found doing it right before I went to bed after of course I had said my prayers. Its very informative ever wanted to practice positive affirmations and beyond other than just saying I do this I do that listen to this. The biggest thing of all to remember is until its ingrained in your memory the key is repetition and to start with I can; I can eat healthy, I can discipline myself, I can meet every Challenge with a smile on my face, I can present this home regardless of its size or condition in a beautiful positive manner, I can be nice to everybody, I can be loving and kind to everybody, I can be grateful no matter what the world hands me etc. Completely eliminate not and negative thoughts from your mind rather than saying I dont eat chocolate pie anymore say I enjoy having yogurt rather than chocolate! My personal goal among others but my biggest at this point for my own health is limiting my card and take eating healthier. My work ethics are great! Limiting my carb intake and eating healthy carbs is my goal! Any input would be appreciated! my
Posted on: Tue, 09 Sep 2014 13:23:50 +0000

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