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LESSONS FROM FLOYD ‘MONEY’ MAYWEATHER Zareef Minty By Zareef Minty Friday, September 19, 2014 “Most people should be talking about how Floyd Mayweather is a great undefeated future hall of famer that’s his own promoter and that works extremely hard to get to where he’s at. Instead, all you hear is hate and jealous remarks from critics who criticize me and, you know, most of the time, the people that criticize me can’t do what I can do.” – Floyd Mayweather Jr This really got me thinking. Floyd deserves to be honoured on this platform. Mr 47-0 is rated as the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world and he certainly deserves that accolade. One seldom sees a person who is as confident in his abilities like ‘TBE’ (The Best Ever), which is one of his many nicknames. One can learn many lessons from the life of this world champion, the most resonating with me being, “Confidence should never be confused for arrogance.” Mayweather Jr is constantly ridiculed and criticized because of his so called arrogance -which I find to be a flaw in society, how people easily mistake confidence for arrogance. Floyd, much like other great sportsmen, has people with dissenting views about who he is, and his ideals, however Floyd has fans too. It is notable that even though opinion may exist around the star, he never let’s that affect his productive output – and he still keeps delivering. Which acts as another lesson from our unsung hero. It makes you think about life and how it works in general, it is always the confident haters on media or social media that has the most to say but they can never do what the person they chastising can do and better yet their argument or points have no standing. People are so quick to insult Mayweather saying his arrogant and that he over-used his finances. I respect him; he stands for the people who are oppressed in this world by the people who are too scared to take risks to reach those very heights. TMT and Floyd Money Mayweather Jr covers about 5 210 000 and 13 000 000 of results on Google respectively. Floyd is the perfect example of someone who made himself into a brand; this is the thing I emphasized in my book on numerous occasions. He always thinks of his actions as Floyd Money Mayweather Jr trademarked and not just Floyd. I guess you could also safely say that he changed the whole boxing game. His innovative ideas of getting artists like Drake, Lil Wayne and Justin Bieber to walk in with him for his entrances definitely “cosmopolitan-ized” the boxing industry. Today his TMT merchandise sells all around the world, people are attracted to success. Wearing one of his caps or t-shirts make you feel like you winning too and that’s exactly the image and presence Mayweather wanted to create. We learn that winning and becoming a winner is a mind-set, if you are willing to identify your objective and have a work ethic that matches your winning mentality you will win once. Have this mind-set consistently and that is where it leads to real growth and success. It is more difficult for Floyd to lose now than to win because he doesn’t know what a loss is. We all need to constantly win in our lives and in those rare occasions where we learn let it be seen as just a learning curve and not a loss. For all the haters and fans I compiled this short list of some of Floyd’s major successes, just so that you can understand exactly what 47-0 really means. Here are titles Mayweather has won over the years: Major World Titles: WBC Super Featherweight Champion (130 lbs) WBC Lightweight Champion (135 lbs) WBC Light Welterweight Champion (140 lbs) IBF Welterweight Champion (147 lbs) WBC Welterweight Champion (147 lbs) (2) WBC Light Middleweight Champion (154 lbs) (2) WBC Welterweight Champion (147 lbs) WBA Light Middleweight Champion (154 lbs) Minor World Titles: IBO Welterweight Champion (147 lbs) IBA Welterweight Champion (147 lbs) The Ring Lineal Championship Titles: Lineal Super Featherweight Champion (130 lbs) The RingLightweight Champion (135 lbs) The RingWelterweight Champion (147 lbs) The RingJr. Middleweight Champion (154 lbs) Special Titles: WBC EmeritusLight Middleweight Champion (154 lbs) WBC DiamondLight Middleweight Champion (154 lbs) WBC 24K GoldLight Middleweight Champion (154 lbs) News24 Voices Terms & Conditions.
Posted on: Sat, 20 Sep 2014 11:59:34 +0000

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