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Love jihad is insidious; the fear seeps into the home, the bedroom: Charu Gupta (A reply by Dr Vivek Arya) In your article you have pointed that Hindus especially Aryasamaj and Hindu Mahasabha crusaded for social boycott of Muslims to prevent Love Jihad in 1920s. I am surprised that you didn’t mention about the role of Muslims in disturbing communal Harmony. You didn’t mention about the cause of riots between the Hindus and Muslims in that era. You didn’t mention about different books like “Dahiye Islam” published by the eminent Muslim leaders like Khwaja Hasan Nizami of Nizamuddin Dargah, Delhi. Aryasamaj and Hindu Mahasabha role in 1920s is more of a reaction towards an action rather than a step to disrupt the communal harmony of the society based on Hindu- Muslims relations. We must understand that why the relation between Hindus and Muslims during Khilafat movement changed post 1920s? Why did the Hindus who once gathered funds for the Khilafat movement and even went to jail started non cooperation and stopped harmonious relations with the Muslims? The answer is very simple. The mental development of Muslims in wake of Khilafat movement and unnecessary tagging of Khilafat movement to Indian freedom movement by Mahatma Gandhi ji boosted the idea of Darul-Islam among the minds of Muslim leaders like Ali brothers. During the congress sessions the statements given by Muhammad Ali denotes his mindset and radical thinking. Statements like 6 crore Dalits must be divided into two parts between Hindus and Muslims, a characterless Muslim is much better than a pious Gandhi as he will enter into Jannat due to his belief in Islam and prophet, Singing of such ayats from Quran which were related to Jihad better say war against infidels from congress session in Lucknow, Invitation to Gandhi ji to accept Islam by Hasam Nizami are few famous examples of Muslim thought process resulting in series of riots from Moplah in Kerala to Kohat, Multan, Rawalpindi, Delhi, Meerut etc. The social relations became tensed due to Cow sacrifice and conversion of Hindus to Islam. The main cause of need for Movements like Hindu Shuddhi and Sangthan was the answer to this cruelty. Love Jihad is part of the same mental setup. Most of the cases are based on Fraud and use and dump mentality. Simple question is that Why Muslims opposes when a Muslim girl marriages a Hindu Boy? You never touched this aspect. Giving clean chit to the atrocities done by Muslims to the Hindu Society is like serving half truth. The Ground level truth is same as today as it was in 1920s.The reaction from Hindus was and will be against atrocities but against Muslims. Dr Vivek Arya timesofindia.indiatimes/home/stoi/all-that-matters/Love-jihad-is-insidious-the-fear-seeps-into-the-home-the-bedroom-Charu-Gupta/articleshow/41310858.cms
Posted on: Mon, 01 Sep 2014 07:05:20 +0000

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