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Minor crisis at work, solved by yours truly. Seems we didnt have anyone on staff with welding experience to fix a stair, until I mentioned that I had been known to throw a bead a time or two in the past. Suddenly, Im up to my elbows in Sparks and burning the s*** out of my new shirt and my faavourite skin while trying to get a floor welder which default setting is three sixteenths, to weld eighth inch to solid plate. Foamy me beads everywhere. But, it will go nowhere. Now, Im somehow the person in charge of replacing roughly a thousand stairs over the next few months. I have mixed feelings about this. But hey, work security. And the fact that I really like making something has unyielding and powerful as solid metal to yield to my unbending will and do what the F i say. Also, it looks like I get to dig around in a nice fat catalog and order some new kit, half leathers and maybe even a helmet. :) So looking forward to moving into the new place in a couple weeks. Stoked about having access to a full Fitness center, swimming pool, & a nice hot bubbly spa. Its not what I would have called my dream job last year or even a few months ago, but, It will definitely do as a career move for now, while I finish stacking some hustle on the creative projects :-)
Posted on: Sat, 16 Aug 2014 03:35:19 +0000

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