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Mitakuye Oyasin. I was recently added to the administration of the Land of 2 Sands Facebook page. That gives me no special powers, only that I can assist in the upkeep of this page. I can answer questions about LO2S and if Im not 100% sure of the answer I will take it straight to Soaring Blue Eagle (Brenda). I am Margie Standard and some of you know me well, some in passing and some I have yet to meet but truly looking forward to the day. I became acquainted with LO2S when I attended my first event in May 2014. I am grateful to Carol Hodges for inviting me then. Since October I became a temporary resident. Temporary because I have chosen to lead the life of a self supporting Nomad for 2 to 3 years. My original plan was to use this location as a good place to winter down and prepare for the spring adventures. What I have received living here has far exceeded any expectations. Learning Native American cultural traditions and spiritual practices has improved my well being in leaps and bounds. I have never felt healthier. Nutrition, exercise, fresh air, communing with the horses, chickens, dogs and even the cats has played a huge part of my healing process here. Work, there is always work to be done on both myself and the land and I find it very humbling and therapeutic. Dont take me to serious because fun and laughter happens here too. Nobody is perfect, nobody here claims to be nor expects it. Respect for each other and all other living things is expected. I have watched this place go through changes, while some of them were sad, and even hard the results are evidence that things are moving forward here. I invite each and every one to attend any upcoming event or come visit for an hour, a day or overnight,. Contact us in advance for details. We can smoke pipe, smudge, participate in a talking circle around the friendship fire, drum circle, utilize sweat lodge, share magical stories of how and why different Native American traditions began, and or learn your Spirit animals. Here there is also an animal rescue operation although at this point there is nobody up for adoption, but that is subject to change at anytime. Several different types of arts and crafts are created here. vegetable gardens, fruit trees, nut trees, berries and flowers are being planned now. We do have a beautiful productive compost pile. The land would like to be self sustaining and off the grid, that will take more money, time and work. Not only have I learned much, grown a bit and became healthier my creativity and imagination has been ignited. While one would say its the land I also think its the people. I have witnessed miracles and or blessings what ever you want to call it. I have meet and built relations with some courageous, honest loving people. Last but not least the open willingness to heal, grow and change opens the door before I know it Spirit begins to take over and wow what a ride. I will continue to work and learn here until March 4th then I have some traveling to do, and I will come back often. The Land still has some needs and this will always be a work in progress. Please contact me if you feel called to contribute to a land that only wants to heal you and the people and itself. AHO Arlene Meyer Albert Strickland Bob Johansen Bobbi Olson Babin Bobbie Shelton Adrienne Sherrod PerryJennifer Jenkins Cgurl McMakin Michael Landers Barry Michael Lott Eryn Alexandra Barbara DiCola Barbara Bowen Sierra Schell Malcolm Love Randall Shayna RoweJill M Buckner Karima Mitchell Kyle Shiver Carol Hodges Carol Mason Carol Howard Raziya Credell Steve Peeples Kitty Stevens Jayne Pleasants Dawn Frazer Donna Brown Deborah RayDeborah Stewart Kelly Limehouse Gerard TallHeart Bowles Bonnie Rae TerrellBurt-Reynolds MustacheDavina Newsome Angie Celeste Darlene Thornton Shoen Sullivan Teri Lowery Amy Adams Xula Kaelee Thompson Cheryl MorrisonLisa Wilson Lisa Denean Hatcher Tuten
Posted on: Fri, 23 Jan 2015 15:59:40 +0000

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