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Muktar Rayyan wrote: FOR EDUCATED NORTHERN AND SOUTHERN NIGERIANS Jonathan and PDP were stoned in PDP controlled States of Bauchi and Katsina. Bauchi is a State in the North East governed by one of the PDP Governors (Isa Yuguda), it is the State of the present PDP national chairman (Adamu Muazu) and also the state of the present FCT Minister (Bala Muhammad), While Katsina is a State in the North West and it is also governed by another PDP Governor (Shehu Shema) and it is the State of Jonathans late boss (President Yaradua). Everywhere the PDP goes in the North their campaign message to the people of the North is Buharis running mate Osinbajo is a pastor who owns more than 5000 churches across Nigeria.Anybody who understands Hausa should please watch their campaign on NTA or AIT, for u too see and hear what I have just said. This message is been anchored by no other person than the VP Namadi Sambo. He keep telling people his name is Muhammadu Namadina! Namadina!! Namadina!!! (Namadina means somebody from Madina Saudi Arabia). He normally goes further saying Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!! Allahu Akbar!!! and conclude with suratul fatiha (The opening chapter of the Holy Quran). Just recently the Minister of Education Ibrahim Shekarau mentioned in Kano that Buhari is not a Muslim enough, because he picked a pastor as his running mate. They have been circulating a picture of Buhari taken in a church during the annual thanks giving day in Lagos to dissuade Muslims in the north from voting APCs Buhari. And over there in the South the campaign is Buhari should not be voted because he is a Muslim. Just recently media reported that GEJ recruited the service of some pastors to campaign against voting for Buhari and APC in their churches. On the other hand throughout the APCs campaign, there is no where APC discuss the person of GEJ or his VP on ground of the religion they professes. At no time they mentioned GEJ should not be voted for reason of being a Christian. APCs campaign is issue based campaign. All what APC tells the electorate during their campaign are: 1. THE LEVEL OF INSECURITY. 2. MONUMENTAL CORRUPTION. 3. HIGH LEVEL OF IMPUNITY. 4. UNEMPLOYMENT AMONG YOUTHS. 5. ECONOMIC INSTABILITY. PDP are so desperate and their desperation is only taking them to self destruction and political perdition. The earlier they start learning how to become a better opposition party and start preparing for 2019 elections, the better for them. Now if I may ask which party represent Religious Bigotry, APC or PDP?
Posted on: Fri, 23 Jan 2015 22:44:31 +0000

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