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NEWSLETTER FOR MAY 8th 2014 Hello All Patrick Rose brought his own enthusiastic following to swell the audience at Crookes last week and they all went away happy, having been treated to some excellent singing and guitar playing. He was joined by a bevvy of floor singers to round off yet another great evening at Crookes Folk Club. This weeks guest band, The Flow, is an acoustic instrumental trio featuring Paul Hague (guitar, tenor guitar, mandolin), Pete Dodd (guitar) and John Roog (bass, banjo, 12-string guitar). The band mixes self-penned pieces with distinctive arrangements of traditional tunes. The three have been playing music most of their lives – and on occasion together. John and Pete were classmates at school and took up guitar at the same time, jamming with friends and learning the chords for the hits of the day. Meanwhile Paul was trying his hand in the youthful and vibrant folk scene which flourished in Chesterfield during the 1970s. His folk roots have remained with him ever since. In his late teens Pete was invited to play bass with the six-piece north Derbyshire folk band Bold Rodney. Paul was the mandolin player, and so began a friendship through music. The group performed widely around the folk clubs and festivals of the north of England and contributed a track to the now legendary (honest!) Radio Sheffield compilation album Hoober’s Last Stand. In the mid 70s Pete left Bold Rodney and reunited with John. They were joined by fellow former classmate Tom Bailey and the Thompson Twins were born. It kept John and Pete busy through the late 70s and early 80s recording the band’s first two albums and touring extensively at home and abroad. Then came those inevitable distractions of family, home and jobs – but always with a little room for music. Much of a lifetime later Paul, Pete and John again found themselves in the same place at the same time… and decided to go with The Flow. TOEIN IN THE DARK Unfortunately, due to a short-notice appointment with a surgeons knife (made with Sheffield Steel, I hope), Toein in the Dark have had to pull out of their booking on June 12th, for all those out there who have been looking forward to it, fret ye not, they will now appear later in the year or early next. In the meantime, I am working on a suitable replacement, watch this space. FLOOR SINGERS IN APRIL 2014 Another month passes and with it another splendid bunch of floor singers, who, in April were:- The Wigan Crew (Nigel Parsons & Malc Charnley) Tanglewood Shaun (Hutch) Hutchison Norman West Matt Wiltshire Richard Pointer Backyard Buskers Roy Derry Leslie Pirie & Tim Lewin Simon Ennals Tom Chester Mike Lydiat Sue MacFarlane Will MacFarlane Kerrie Wells Thomas Barnett & Erin Chris Sammon Lou Marriott Nigel Parsons Malcoln Griffiths Dave Mills Thanks to you all, please keep on coming and helping the evenings at Crookes FC to be a success. FACEBOOK Thank you to all my Fascebook Friends who have been clicking on Maybe, it is now over a week since they threatened to do unspeakable things to me, so I must assume that it is working! Please keep it up. We seem to have stalled at 232 Likes for the moment, come on, lets have 300 by the end of May. COMING DATES May 08 - The Flow May 15 - Simon Kempston May 22 - Keystone May 29 - MacTaylor June 05 - Lou Marriott June 12 - TBA June 19 - Magpi June 26 - Paul Bell AN APPEAL FOR FOLK MUSICIANS Laura Barker of Farm Yard @ Birds Yard, Chapel Walk, Sheffield, writes:- Hello. Im getting in touch about an event were organising at Birds Yard on Chapel Walk on 24th May. Its called Farm Yard @ Birds Yard and will feature local food and music in a farmyard/farmers market setting. Were looking for some folk style musicians that might fit this theme and were wondering if you knew of anyone who might be interesting in this. We have sound equipment/PA system and would want different people to play short sets on the day (between 12-4) Wed be happy for performers to sell CDs and promote their work in exchange for them playing and will publicise their work in our promos. If you know of anyone whod be interested could you pass them my at [email protected] for more details? Thank you, Laura. Im Sure that she will be happy to hear from YOU. THE PLUG (See below in AND FINALLY, THE USUAL STUFF for how to get your plug in here) Mike Lydiats regular 1st Monday Carolan Session is at The White Lion, Heeley, on Monday May 5th: . Peak Concerts have Krista Detor on Saturday May 10th at the Whitworth Centre, Darley Dale: . Mansfield folk club hosts Belshazzars Feast on Monday April 12th: . The regular (2nd Monday) Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity fund-raiser, held by TOFFEE Music, will be at Shakespeares, Gibraltar Street on Monday May 12th: . One of the highlights of the Sheffield Music calendar is Lou Marriott and Andrew Hardys Bob Dylan night, it will be held this year on Saturday May 17th at The Princess Royal, Crookes (Ive tried extorting a fee for the use of the club room, but what can you do when the landlady says no?... ...mutter mutter mutter, there is no justice in this world). By the way, keep your eyes peeled on this august journal for a cleverly entitled follow up to said duos Bob Dylan special at the Gardeners earlier this year. ( come on Lou, fairs fair and al that...). FESTIVAL PLUGS (See below in AND FINALLY, THE USUAL STUFF for how to get your plug in here) Wath Folk Festival runs from Friday May 2nd to Sunday May 4th featuring many class acts, including the Demon Barbers XL Roadshow, Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman and Kris Drever: . CDs (**ONE ADDED THIS WEEK**) (See below in AND FINALLY, THE USUAL STUFF for how to get your plug in here) Richard Kitson has launched a KickStarter campaign to raise the necessary funds to release his up-coming CD Hermit Hill, there are all sorts of goodies available to contributors, please go to kickstarter/projects/720907514/hermit-hill to get full details and to make your investment in the future of the regions shining stars. Patrick Rose has his album Paradise Square available both as a CD and a download, whilst his Himself album is also available as a download got to: patrickrose.bandcamp/album/paradise-square and patrickrose.bandcamp/album/himself respectively, or e-mail him at [email protected] . The Repeters (Peter Gilbert and Pete Smith) have now released Fruits of Time and Freedom get it from Amazon, iTunes and the rest if you must, but Peter Gilbert will be happy to supply you direct at: [email protected] . Big favourites with yours truly, Grassoline, have their new CD available, it is an EP entitled Here But Not at Home - Vol 2 goto: grassoline.bandcamp to buy this and their previous CDs (free entry to Crookes Folk Club for 6 months if you can guess what one of them is called). Philip Cockerhams new CD Running Man is available NOW: facebook/PhilipCockerham . Ray Padgett still has his monster 2 CD set, Traditionalist English Songs, containing 49 traditional English songs available: facebook/raymond.padgett . TOFFEE Music now have 2 CDs, Toffee Rainbow and the brand new Sheffield Flood, released to mark the 150th anniversary of the great Sheffield flood, they are £5 each and all proceeds go to the Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity: . Julian Socha will be only too happy to sell you some of his CDs, of which I understand there are several: juliansocha . Dogwood Roses CD All Things to Please Us is available from Mike Richards at: [email protected] . Richard Kitsons re-released eponymous debut album in new packaging and flashy new artwork is now available from Richard at: . I am also informed that he has a new CD in production and he may even hold the launch party at our humble club (though that is yet to be confirmed). Welsh Geoffs new CD Crug Mawr is now available, to find out how to get your sticky mitts on it, go to: . Club favourite Michael J Tinker, in collaboration with Damien OKane has a single, Shenandoah out now, more details at: facebook/michaeljtinker and michaeljtinker . Paul Bells new album Small Town Boy is now available at: store.paulbellmusic . Shaun (Hutch) Hutchisons CD EP Introducing... Shaun Hutch is now available: shaunhutchmusic . Andy Broderick has CDs available and very good they are too, please contact him at: [email protected] . And dont forget that Blackwater still have copies of Vanderpool available: facebook/blackwatermelodicacoustica?fref=pb&hc_location=friends_tab . BOOKS (See below in AND FINALLY, THE USUAL STUFF for how to get your plug in here) JP Beans Singing from the Floor is now available on general release. INTERESTING LINKS facebook/pages/Crookes-Folk-Club/261198863985926 - Our very own Facebook page facebook/groups/crookesfolkandallthat - A place for event invites and to find out what is going on in folk and beyond facebook/princess.royal.507 - the Facebook page of our host venue, the Princess Royal - the website of Wortley Folk Club, now based at the Venu in Stocksbridge - Mansfield Folk Clubs web site - a project to collect and disseminate songs and related memories from the international people who now live in Sheffield - the folk magazine for Sheffield, South Yorkshire and beyond - Pete Shaws web site with links to much that is happening in these parts reverbnation/ - a useful site for finding out whats on and where - online radio station specialising in folk music - home of Sheffields independent radio station, Sheffield Live and, in particular, Thank Goodness Its Folk - Unsigned Radio, an on-line radio station providing a platform for un-signed talent - a site promoting traditional song and dance in the Sheffield area jmucreate/ - Acoustic Rotherhams splendid web-site, containing lots and lots of information and links for folk and the broader arts in Rotherham and South Yorkshire, this is a great site - The web-site of a community-based, not for profit, group, set up to promote songwriters in and around the Peak District - The Mudcat Cafe online folk music chat room - The web-site of the Yorkshire Garland project, which includes a growing database of traditional folk songs from Yorkshire yorkshire-folk-arts/ - The web-site of Yorkshire Folk Arts and the Yorkshire Folk Arts directory. Yorkshire Folk Arts exists to co-ordinate and promote folk song and dance throughout Yorkshire E-MAIL [email protected] to get your music included on Mimi OMalleys folk show on Federal Radio AND FINALLY, THE USUAL STUFF How to Get a Plug: I am happy to help people out by including short plugs in this newsletter - here is how you can get yourself one. For ALL plugs, please use [email protected] . Gigs and Other Non-Festival Events I dont have the time nor, frankly, the inclination to trawl through Facebook Events, ReverbNation, Stirrings or leaflets looking for things to plug. So, if you would like me to put a line about your up-coming event in the newsletter, then please e-mail me at [email protected] . Ill try to get it in a couple of weeks before-hand, but in order for me to do that, you need to get it to me on the Tuesday of the week that you want it to appear (for instance, for your plug to appear in the Newsletter for January 16th - sent out January 9th to 13th, you will need to get it to me by Tuesday January 7th). Festivals Rather than add these to my THE PLUG section (as I have done hither too) I now have a dedicated section called FESTIVAL PLUGS (clever, eh?) If you are the organiser of a festival and you would like me to give you a mention then you need to e-mail me at [email protected] with the following:- Festival name Dates Location 3 main headline acts OR a brief (no more than 10 words) summary of the nature of the festival (eg song sessions or sea shanties or Wagon Wheel variations). Closing date for early bird ticket sales Contact details, consisting of one or more of: web address, e-mail address, Facebook page, telephone number I shall include the plug for about 3 weeks prior to the closure of early bird ticket sales and then remove it once that date has passed, re-inserting it about 3 weeks before the event. As with all other plugs, you need to e-mail me at said address, I do not have the time, energy or inclination to trawl through leaflets, web pages, Facebook events or newspapers looking for things to include, no e-mail, probably no plug. CDs and Books I now have separate sections to plug CDs and books, but the e-mail address is the same: [email protected] . Ill need the name and contact details for finding out more (1 or more of snail mail, phone, e-mail, WWW or Facebook). I wont keep the plug in forever, but the turnover will be very much dictated by how many I am asked to include, itll be a case of first in, first out. As usual, we are at the Princess Royal, Slinn Street, SHEFFIELD, S10 1NW, doors open at 8:15, for an 8:30 start and there is no charge for entry, just bring a few quid to support the raffle and collection! All singers and musicians are welcome, there is no need to pre-arrange a spot, just try to get there early, so that we have the best chance of giving everyone a fair go. Disclaimer etc: I have tried to ensure that people do not receive more than one copy of this mailing and hope that all who receive it want it. If you have received more than one copy, or do not wish to receive any further ones, please e-mail me with the e-mail address in question and I shall endeavour to avoid any repetition. See you all on Thursday Steve Cooper, Crookes Folk Club
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