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Neÿth and return to his ship Atlantyde . The young woman immediately went in Osyrith , accompanied by his Father and his Mother - RE and Isys - to advise on the course of his journey. She explains that Filwÿdhel Mölh and Bordäth Möll have discovered a new continent far beyond the waters of the ocean West , that Filwÿdhel Mölh Bordäth Möll and decided to continue their shipping time further. Then , most importantly, Neÿth described their great affection that has linked to his Brother Anÿbis all the way , so much that they eventually unite carnally with each other, and now she is pregnant. Rë and Isys are surprised by this last statement, and sorry because they are reserved for future Neÿth another in this special field. Obviously, they intend to unite carnally to someone else - in this case Aytôüm - to anchor a little more their Family link in the circle of Senior Masters of Cult Religion son of Elaüs . This connection and deep friendship Anÿbis tying his Mentor Osyrith would open up great opportunities for direct descendants of the Sons of Elaüs the government Atlantyde with Elfwindhel Mol. Osyrith , he did not find this so disastrous union as it may seem . On the contrary, it strengthens the alliance between his Brother Re Isys his sister and him more. Politically, it may in the future , counterbalance the negative influence of Setheüs and Priest-Kings , who are associated with him in the Conclave . And thus safeguard the sovereignty of the Empyre Elfwindhel Mol Atlante . Aytôüm not being party nor the Priest-Kings , or the Conclave , it is of less importance to associate Neÿth ; while quAnÿbis and one of the closest collaborators of Osyrith on domestic policy Atlantyde . Rë and Isys are reassured by the words of Osyrith and views thereof with respect to their children. Father and Mother of Neÿth know very well that the High Priest has an unusual insight to manage the interests of the direct descendants of the Sons of Elaüs , at least of those who go in the direction of the Great Work of the latter. They trust him , especially when he tells them he will support the education of offspring Neÿth if a Son is born . Then , all together , theyll go ask audience with the Emperor. It receives immediately because Elfwindhel MOL is eager to hear his maritime shipping . Neÿth gives full details of the incidents of the journey in which she participated . And when she tells him that Filwÿdhel Mölh and Bordäth Möll are right now certainly discovering new territories, Elfwindhel Mol, curbing its growing impatience, decided to await their return. He wants to have more information about this unknown continent before undertaking other projects larger . Some time passed , and Neÿth gives birth to a girl , MHAT , she says education his own Mother , Isys , throughout his childhood. It now awaits the return of Re - like his parents - impatiently. Throughout their journey , Bordäth Möll and his companions rose further and further inside the unexplored lands , wild and sometimes hostile . They discover muddy swamps and green forests , fertile plains and rich valleys. The months passed . And finally, Filwÿdhel Mölh , Bordäth Möll and their fellow travelers return from their expedition. Anÿbis goes to RE and Isys where Neÿth and Osyrith are present to greet him. This is where he learns suddenly the mouth of his mother , that Neÿth just had a girl with him. Anÿbis is stunned and does not want to believe it. And before re has had the opportunity to exchange a word with her Son , he fled with his parents and takes refuge in solitude in the mountains to meditate on the consequences of his act. Because he wants to have subjected this affront to his family while the latter destined to Neÿth carnal union with Aytôüm . Off, just a few minutes after the hasty departure of the remains Anÿbis RE and Isys , Aytôüm appears to turn them. He discovers a bewildered by RE what just happened , a Isys collapsed by the incomprehensible attitude of His Son, and a desperate , being consoled by Osyrith Neÿth . But Aytôüm requires explanations on conducting Anÿbis to his sister during the trip - because Aytôüm quickly realized that there was romance between Brother and Sister , and at the end of the passage it swelled to view eye - . He is furious because this event challenges the pact between him and re following the Major Schism in the Church of the Sons of Elaüs . Osyrith is only at this time, able to respond to his questions . The High Priest explains that the agreement between him and RE does not happen to be broken. Only some details now changing; Osyrith vouches that the pact is well followed between the two parties. He then tells him that Neÿth gave birth to a girl , MHAT . This will be her his majority , which will unite carnally to Aytôüm to ensure progeny thereof and younger Children Sons of Elaüs branch. Osyrith promised her , on behalf of their fathers, that will itself the term of this agreement. Aytôüm mutters that this is not what was intended by their agreement , RE and Isys have cheated . He looks for a moment Osyrith , then each member of the family ER, right in the eyes, furious, but without saying a word. Then he retired . Osyrith , deep in his consciousness , press Aytôüm of great change about to occur , and this makes it extremely scared . Horöth - Yll , it appears to the Patriarch of the House of yhn , Eÿrka , which immediately makes aan- Kä prevent the return of the representative of the Conclave during shipping Filwÿdhel Mölh . Horöth - Yll then explains their travel as ships made the new lands they crossed . He describes them as the fleet is split into two after touching the shores of a vast new continent and unknown , and how , throughout their journey on the borders thereof , and Filwÿdhel Mölh Bordäth Möll left embryos colonies behind them in order to establish an early Atlantean civilization . Eÿrka - aan- Kä yhn and are impressed by the story of Horöth - Yll . They want to know more, then Explorer tries to describe them as thoroughly as possible what he saw throughout the expedition. Yet at the end of this new presentation, the two patriarchs are still not satisfied . They refer Horöth - Yll at him to rest a little. It really needs after this long journey away from home . Before leaving, they tell him they reconvoqueront next few days. They will want to again ask him about what he saw and heard during this extraordinary journey. Meanwhile, they believe you , you will have to learn from other participants - such Häâmoth , Filwÿdhel Mölh and Bordäth Möll . They are certain that neither Setheüs or Elfwindhel MOL will not see a downside . Instead, by working together, they come to the conclusion that an extraordinary conclave would be necessary in such circumstances , in order that the three explorers explain their experience in front of the gathered assembly . With the support of Setheüs , it should not be very difficult to implement as soon as possible. For their part , the two members of the Imperial Clan go immediately to the palace to inform the latter of their journey. It receives them immediately , and when the king learned of the existence of these distant lands , he decided to make the Outer Provinces Atlantyde Continent , especially in those with the most favorable to the locations and climates installation of Civilization Sons of Elaüs . After the Conclave , Elfwindhel Mol therefore gave orders to other transport of men and women to achieve. In fact , many Atlanteans are tempted by the adventure 10-12000000 of them soon spread inside Continents discovered. Successive waves , they unfurl into five main geographical areas in the following centuries : On the one hand , they go towards the narrow arm that still form the Mediterranean and the Caspian Sea , which is then attached to him. They landed in Asia Minor and North Africa. They crossed the grassy plains of Morocco , Abyssinia and Palestine . Then they move to the Upper Nile , stop in the Khartoum area and Lake Victoria. They cross the Lake Rudolf , Zanzibar, along the Red Sea. They crossed most of the territory south -Saharan , go to meet its green meadows, then migrate to the massive Abyssinian and its dependencies. They exceed Somalia. They cut through the Equatorial forest. They affect the Senegal and the Great Lakes , the Niger , Chad, the Ethiopian plateau and the shores of the Indian Ocean. It takes walk on the shores of the island of Madagascar while it is still attached to the Continent . Then , the Atlanteans beyond the tributaries of the Congo River, in the Gabon and Angola. Finally, they reach the Cape and stop their march to the beaches of the Pacific coast . The Atlanteans who take foothold in Asia Minor, on their side , bypassing the huge ocean crescent extending along the equator. They then follow the borders of North Africa by the thin maritime corridor that extends it . They crossed the breakers that extend beyond the ends of the future Mediterranean. They scour their waterways. Then, finally , they arrive at the foot of the Himalayan cliffs. Taking foothold in Asia , the Atlanteans began to establish more or less permanently on the plains surrounding the high snowy mountains . Then, a number of them back on the road , and on one side , they occupy all the valleys of northwestern India. They settled in Punjab , successive waves occupy the fertile hills of the Ganges and Indus - low . On the other , they come in Afghanistan spill over southern Russia that is not under water. They follow their banks before sinking in the mountainous areas of the Syrian coast, the Pamirs and northern Iran. Peaks Hadramaut soon appear before them. And finally, they enter the steppes of Turkestan and affect the Arabian Peninsula . But above all, a large part of them migrate to Burma , Korea, Assam , Siam and Cambodia . They extend to Malaysia, Cochin China or Vietnam. Several expeditions join the walk through central Polynesia Borneo, Hawaii and New Zealand , while a land bridge also connects the Philippines, Tasmania and eastern Australia. Others argue at the same time to the Brahmaputra valley , Bengal and the foothills of the Himalayas. Still others are looking to Manchuria , then reach the Chinese Pacific odds , before reaching dry the Japanese archipelago and many islands surrounding . A strong advance of ice in this region of the Atlanteans World requires to cross the Bering Strait via a strip of land emerged fifty kilometers wide. Through the successive waves , they go back to Alaska and Greenland , before returning across the northern coast of the United States . Then, as the passages between Asia and America are very frequent , the Atlanteans head to the plateaus surrounding the Rocky Mountains. They come in California. They conquer the forests farther east and head to the Atlantic. They advance to the interandin corridor before encountering its colossal mountains. After huge efforts to cross , they cross and lead to their highlands. They progress to Mexico , Yucatan , Brazil and the Andes , they penetrate the thickness of their stifling jungles. And finally, they spill over the meadows and steppes forming the Chaco , the Pampas , Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego. Finally, the other side of the Atlantic Ocean , the Atlanteans landed first on the margins of the future Baltic Sea and the North Sea future - which are still only tiny lakes - while Channel n not yet exist. They cross the land bridge that hangs from one side to Iceland and northern Europe , and the other trays to Ireland, Britain and France . They then occupied the Swedish territories , Norwegian , Finnish and Danish. They crossed the steppes of the Baltic States , Poland and western Russia. Then, when the Atlanteans meet the immense glaciers of northern hemisphere of the planet , they stop their conquering march . They descend to Europe Far East . They come momentarily in northern and central Russia. They go beyond the Volga, the Bakchir , the slopes of the Urals. They exceed Prussia, Bohemia, Hungary, the Balkans and Carpathians . They finally advance to the Swiss peaks , Italian , Germanic and further south , Spain . Once there , however, some leave the main group back again to Scandinavia , then sinking once again toward the near eastern steppes . Northwest to Southeast, then they start the Long Voyage than their counterparts did not dare do before them. At first , they reach , hard , huge walls that cut the gel in two steppe . They begin to cross it in all directions, along the rivers which excessive dot and earn high valleys in which these rush . At each stop , they benefit also to sow the groundwork for future flourishing colonies . Then, finally , after many detours and various and sundry adventures, they end up facing the Roof of the World . As they pass their first collars, the Atlanteans first want to build a megalithic sanctuary to immortalize their victory over the elements. They seek the most important node in the region Telluric . And once they found , they began building their monument that will be dedicated to the glory of the Son of Elaüs .
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