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On January 9, #LassanBathily, a Malian-born Muslim Frenchman working at a Jewish supermarket in #Paris, saved the lives of 15 people by hiding them in an underground storage room as Amedy Coulibaly savagely murdered four customers. On January 7, #AhmedMerabet, a French Muslim policeman who had just passed his detective exams after passionately committing himself to the force, was brutally killed while protecting the rights of satirists to mock his faith ... As Islam teaches, to save a life is to save humanity. And to take a life is to destroy humanity. A reminder of Merabet and Bathily’s actions is the best retort to all, argues Tahir Abbas. #CharlieHebdo #France
Posted on: Mon, 12 Jan 2015 22:30:01 +0000

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