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One day, long after were gone, after the planet has finally filtered out the greenhouse gases, maybe this conversation will take place between two alien archeologists - ALIEN 1: Why did the masses of humans not get angry and insist the leaders, the powerful, take action in order to stop the destruction of their planet? ALIEN 2: Well, you see, each of those people was given a little tiny lit-up device to hold in their hand and stare into while their world burned. They very much liked what they saw on those devices - mainly alerts to notify them that someone else, from that persons device, had interacted with something the first person had posted on a global network called the internet. So when you boil it down, the devices just said to each human You are loved. You are noticed by someone else, hundreds of times each day. And that was enough to occupy them while their planet filled with poisonous gas. Its like someone turning on their car in a closed garage, clicking play on a tape that just repeats people like you, and drifting off into oblivion.
Posted on: Mon, 05 Jan 2015 15:07:07 +0000

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