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PDP this, PDP that! TAN this and TAN that! PDP hired crowd, TAN hired that , blablablabla....as alleged by hypocritical APC champions in propaganda and false alarm. I have tried in no small measure to keep aloft of the charade going on in Rivers state, of Nigerian , today. But the more i dodge, the more they poke me....friends would not let me be. Therefore, we must do the needful! I have been inundated via Phone calls, inbox messages, tagging , postings in my Timeline...about a heavy downpour of Naira in Rivers State, today, in the mode of a spending spree and Naira extravaganza. And one of my friend had this to say My broda R/S is in trouble. R/S treasury has been emptied b/c of APC rally N19b just 4 a rally. hmmm e no go easy 4 apc main election money go finish Rivers Volunteer, has this to say. RIVERS MEGA HUSSTLE Busses parked by Ojoto, and other locations N4000/person... Uniport also, luring students with N4000. This mega rally is just another hustle... Meanwhile the Courts are locked down by the APC government, innocent Nigerians languishing in Prison custody, countless legal matters frustrated , Lawyers denied practice, total abuse of the judicial system but the irony is that they claim to be celebrating a supreme Court Judgement, that ushered in a PDP Government...70,000 attendees by N4000, thats a lot of cash, I wonder what the total bill would look like? Another friend wrote Hehehehehehkikikiki! LWKMD! I thought APC said its only PDP that hires crowd ? Imagine all the mechanics in my area have been hired by APC for their todays rally in Port Harcout. APC gave them 4 coasters . Rivers money go finish today for payments of hired crowd. And so many others, that time and space would fail me to re-post. You can see how that landmark Court Judgement, pushed Rivers people in to a Slow and Steady One-Chance??? A whooping sum of N19b , going down the drain, to organize a fruitless, senseless, useless, Judgement that has given birth to nothing but sorrow and gnashing of Teeth? The last report has it that all the artisans, Petty Traders, Hawkers,Motor park boys (Agbero), School children and undergraduates, where instructed to join in the pay as you go rally, and collect theirs asap! meanwhile, this is far from being Stomach Infrastructure, and this is happening in a State, apart from what Rivers Volunteer said, A State where majority of the Teachers are dying in programed silence because of no Salary for months . This is also a State, where the governor has done nothing since the inception of his second and last tenure but politicking with the State funds while diverting attention of his corruption mantra to another end. But when they tried stoning him like he suggested , people stated shouting witch-hunt. If a useless rally of this type, could create such a hole in the Treasury of a state that is continually in the Labour Market, begging for loans to execute some phantom projects , known as the Governor is working , a name given to some of his first term projects that have refused to be completed till date, but are being used to siphon the state Treasury , notwithstanding how small they are; what would then be the after effect of the forth coming election in the state, and what would the remains of the state known as Rivers, look like after this man??? My People, What level of impunity is going on in Rivers state , and why is this Man trying hard to capsize Rivers State????? Ena Ofugara May Ubeku Savn Duke Odu Ola Ify Ebiware Ernest Allibrochonma Tina Uche Tinaline Nyobana Chris O. NwaorahDr.Chukwuma Christopher Osaji Christopher O. Okagbare Sally Nwachi Stella Lebi Happy Oghenekaro Williams Marvin Omo-Osagie Omololu Ojehomon-OgbeniEmmanuel Martins Emelike Mercy EkenerionUmoren Churchill Anthony Odiraa Felix Soji Oseni Jagaban Olalekan Qaasim Ayodele Babatunde O. Gbadamosi Ojealaro Friday Hanson Adonye Chinedu Nwosu Michael Dedon Slik A. Omezue Kemi Elechi Bello Isiaka Luke EdemeraroIgho David Briggs Chioma Powers Floxy Alaneme Earnest Olawale Ike Chidolue Aare Vincent Olusola Arogbodo John Ndubueze Nwachukwu Blessed Jeremiah IIuobe Donald Ekpo Ite Donald Ekpo Ebi B Asain Ebi Bozimo James O. King Gladys Agbebaku Okosun Becky Obioma Viola Okolie Esther Chikere Jojo Abiyere Timi Remi-Meindinyo Onwuka Robert Chidinma Onyejiuwa Soniaking Ibeh Allison Charles AjuluchukwuApostle Patrice Ekeke-Yehuda Johnson Adedeji BigJay Johnson Musa Joe MusaIniobong Inwang Vincent Okonkwo Chimma Elijah Aji Amachree Ihetu Ross Alabo-George Engr Joshua Fiyebo Kingsley Olurotimi Don Vic Francis Akeredolu Chizobam OkoliInnocent Uwah Nonso Odimegwu Ndibe Bunmi Bevlyn Ogunleyimu Uwakwe-mangse Hanna Anwana Esin Jr. Jude Mordi Iffi Roy-Omeni BlackLord Kross Nze Uche-d Duru Michaell Oluwasegun Davies Martin Oguejiofor Inyang Archibong Princess Soala Lawson-jack Ighodaro Princess Ayi Omene Erhi Toroko Amos Evans Chisomaga Enefa-a Otonye Erekosima Mike Dumebi Oliti Izuchukwu Nwachukwu Bernard Howell Bernard Moses C
Posted on: Sat, 25 Oct 2014 18:38:10 +0000

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