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***Paranormal Metrou***(imported post) Good Ghost, Bad Ghost-( information) Remember that when you die, your general personality does not change. If you were nice in life, you will be nice in death - and vice versa! It is very possible to encounter a loving ghost, as well as a mean, nasty one. But again, mean and nasty does not mean evil. Evil spirits are typically not human; they are demonic. As I said above, they are extremely rare, and most people will not encounter them in their lifetimes. What most people refer to as an evil spirit is really just an unpleasant, or dark, human spirit. The difference between dark spirits and evil spirits is this: evil spirits are usually demonic in form, not human. They are evil because they are not of God. They were not created by God. They are spiritual manifestations of darkness, destruction, chaos and suffering. They serve only one purpose: to create more darkness in this world. Dark spirits are typically human, but they are distant from God. They were created by God as Light beings (like all of us), but then transitioned to darkness and they are now separated from God. (Either by choice or circumstance) But they always have the choice to return to the Light. How can you tell the difference between an evil spirit and a dark spirit? Dark spirits usually feel very cold and dark (as in, not good), but they do feel human, and may appear as human if you see them. You may feel frightened of them, or even threatened, like you need to leave the area immediately. Evil spirits, on the other hand, may be accompanied by a horrible, rancid stench. (not always, but often) They *emanate* evil. You can really feel it, its a black, dank, empty feeling that seems to soak right into you. Believe me when I tell you that you wouldnt easily forget it if youd ever come face to face with one of these beings (and most of us never will). It can be difficult to tell the difference between truly evil spirits, and those that are just dark, because our fears can be triggered even by dark spirits, making us think that we are dealing with an evil spirit.
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