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Sam was having tantrum sometime last week. He said that Santa doesnt seem to have noticed his letter inside the sock by the Christmas tree. So, what are you requesting for?, I asked. Lego and Cash ( with a specific amount) Mommy. Hmmmm, so what will you do with the money? I will keep it. We told him then to just behave, pray and believe. Dont just wish for Santa, ask God. Last Saturday, Anna and Sam got cash prizes from games. Children, set aside your tithes ( 10% for God). Yes Mommy, they answered. Okay, you guys count your money and compute. The fun part is how they add their offerings on top of their tithes. By Sunday, they again received pamasko from Lolo Efoy and Lola Cora. Another computation and I asked Sam, so, how much will you give again to God? P140 Mommy! Sam, that is almost 50%, are you sure? ( He received p300 pamasko). Yes Mommy, Im sure. True, enough before the party ended last night, he received additional p220 pamasko. And he also won gift checks as Mr.Destiny of the Night! Today, he is all smiles! After a number of Christmas Parties, he exceeded his cash wish and opened a bank account today! God surely is always eager in surprising those who believe in Him.
Posted on: Mon, 22 Dec 2014 08:29:57 +0000

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