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So Much for the racial narrative that its Genos fault: Never one to fall for the racial banana in the tailpipe, I always laugh when smart and educated folks would single out the dominant black athlete in a team sport for failure to collect a Championship ring. You know how America with racial glee, would point out how Lebron in Cleveland, Ewing, Bonds, Melo, McNabb etc never won anything. And I alway point out, this racial narrative willfully failed to hold the white head coaches, managers, GMs, and owners accountable. Cause Cam Newton doesnt select the players, call the plays, manage the Cap, or create a winning organizational environment. But I also know that the racial critics of the black athlete and the howls about failure to win a Championship had a much larger agenda. And the agenda? Taking glee in the failure of the black athlete as a cover for their congenital racial hatred of black masculinity as a whole. Which brings us to NY Jets QB Geno Smith. You know, the QB who is racial mocked, and demonized as a failure, and deemed wholly unfit to be a NFL QB. Now, the fact that QB Mark Sanchez preceded Geno as the Jets QB and regressed due to a head coach who has zero appitude in developing QBs didnt matter. The fact that Geno Smith, with a strong arm, and mobility, also regressed under Rex Ryan didnt matter. It was Genos fault! The unqualified black QB. But now that QB Mark Sanchez tonight, divorced from an unqualified head coach balled out tonight, well my thesis about Geno and most black athletes who fail still holds true - its not the black man looking in the mirror that is the failure, its the affirmative action head coach, manager, GM, and owner who are the failure. So why didnt America hold Danny Ferry, Dan Gilbert, and Rex Ryan more accountable than Lebron and Geno Smith? Because that would be America looking at herself in the mirror, and seeing failure and incompetence steering them in the face. So she avoids the mirror, points to Geno, and convinces herself that Geno is the problem. But the truth is, America is the problem. Always. # You know Im right.
Posted on: Tue, 11 Nov 2014 04:57:23 +0000

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