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So since incorporating a plant based diet with my Herbalife nutrition people have asked me what I eat and what am I doing, so I thought id do a day in the life post for anyone who is curious! Im so grateful that Herbalife is easy to incorporate into any lifestyle and still feel incredible every day - this is the lifestyle that I personally find the easiest and feel the most aligned with!! If you want to learn more about nutrition programs and what they do and how they work, and/or how to eat unlimited calories and be healthy. ask me, I would love to help :) - especially coming Into Christmas and the new year, everybody wants to look and feel better for 2015!!! BREAKFAST: 1 litre of water with mango aloe+herbal bev 10 bananas, 3 scoops vanilla Herbalife formula 1, 3 tablespoons of coconut sugar, water. Herbalife tabs LUNCH: 1 litre of water with mango aloe Either: shake above, or 2 litres of nudie mango and orange juice with 3 scoops vanilla formula 1 shaken through, or 6 mangos or a huge serving of fruit. Herbalife tabs DINNER: 1 litre of water with aloe High carb vegan dinner. 1-2 kgs of potato mashed, or baked, or in gnocchi. Or gluten free pasta. Or rice paper rolls. Or vegan pizza. As long as its high carb low fat low salt, with green leafy veggies! Herbalife tabs SNACKS: Shakes shakes shakes, fruit fruit fruit. I aim to eat 80% carbs, 10%fat, 10% protein every day. Minimum 3000 /calories a day. Minimal animal products and raw until 4. Lots of aloe, lots of shakes, all my tabs, tones of fruit.(literally haha)
Posted on: Fri, 05 Dec 2014 12:59:58 +0000

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