THINKING SIMPLY WITH DETERMINATION Simple MIND & Simple THOUGHTS are required to achieve Simple LIFE with simple Attitude & Behaviour & Strong Determination, creating Peaceful MIND & ENVIRONMENT. With so many choices and decisions, & so many demands from People and Events, in our modern fast changing world, its a real challenge to keep Everything Simple. Making it simple means making things Easy and Clear. The magic wand to wave over our life is Planning and Prioritising. Make a Plan, for a long and short term and then prioritise. Then practise taking one thing at a time, so We can have one thought at a time, with some space before We have to have our next thought. But dont get attached to our plans or priorities. Be flexible (easy) and yet focused (clear) and in this way We can teach ourself to think simply and act simply. One thought at a time. At our own pace. In our own space. A simple life is a contented life. LOVE, Angel Light
Posted on: Sat, 22 Feb 2014 04:47:58 +0000

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