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Today, as several prominent Church people lay themselves bare on the altar of opportunism and bandwagonism for Professor Bain, Reverend Father Sean Major-Campbell asks the following questions: (1) Did any church group speak out in support of 10 year old Renee Lyons who died from a police officers gun shot to her head, (July 25, 2003), while the officer was running and firing at a boy who was smoking a ganja splif? (2) Did any church group stand in protest when 15 year old Jason Smith was killed by police on July 9, 2002? The bag he was carrying was emptied by the police unto the road - and out fell two packs of banana chips and a bottle of sprig water? (3) Did any church group cry out for Hapete Henry - shot at a foot ball match at the National Stadium? Members of the crowd lifted him and took him out of the Stadium. (He had an Arnett Gardens flag in his hand.)? (4) Did any church group do a picket for 13 year old Janice Allen, who on April 14, 2000 was shot in the back from a police mans gun? Since there was no evidence regarding the circumstances of her death, the judge instructed the jury to return a formal verdict of Not Guilty? (5) Did any church group cry out for the homeless gay youth who have no choice but to seek refuge in the storm drains of New Kingston? (6) Is any church group aware of the many Jamaicans - boys and girls (many under-aged girls) who are VICTIMS of human trafficking? Oh that we would remember Jesus the Christ, servant of the poor, marginalised, and oppressed: In as much as you have done for the least of these; you have done it for me.
Posted on: Mon, 26 May 2014 20:01:08 +0000

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