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Today is a representative sample: The black athlete as criminal. The black athlete as lazy. the black athlete as undisciplined. Etc, Etc. Sadly, this is what ESPN and her sister channels are all about. This is their racial programming every day!! Why? Because they fully understand the racial psychology of America, and specifically, white male culture. ESPN knows that high ratings are guaranteed by portraying the dominant black athlete as less than - mentally and intellectually - on a loop. Every day. And its this portrayal, the black male as Bigger Thomas, that is most comforting to Bill OReilly America. An America that has a pathological racial fear and contempt for black masculinity. In other words, America July 3, 1910, Reno Nevada. You know, the day before..., and the day of, and every day after July 4, 1910. But most sad, the black talking heads at ESPN freely go along with this vile pervasive racial narrative of the black athlete as Bigger Thomas. Clearly, not one of these intellectual and racial fools has ever stood up in the production meetings and said - Enough! And if anyone has done so, clearly said person doesnt have the intellectual heft, debating skills, and persuasive powers to effect change. And I dont buy this all encompassing notion of intellectual powerlessness of blacks in the workplace. Every job that I have had, I was able to effect policy change and / or thought process, by being intellectually prepared and not being afraid (ok, actually enjoying the process:)), of confronting Americas intellectual and racial arrogance, smugness, and cluelessness. And now as a criminal defense atty, when judges and prosecutors see me... So the message is clear, as a brother, you will take some Ls. But Damn it(!), at least put up a fight! An intellectual fight! Just like the 20th Century Race Men did. Flaws and all, I rather appropriate Jim Brown, Rev Wright, and Paul Robeson, rather than Steven A Smith, Kobe Bryant and their black confederates, any day of the week. # Best Believe. # # Freedom Summer 1964 is almost here.
Posted on: Mon, 14 Apr 2014 16:45:39 +0000

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