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We left work early, desiring sore feet, mountain air, and granite cracks. Destination decided enroute, East Fork valley, a lesser-traveled drainage and even lesser known climbing destination in the Wind River Range. A choice to take the Subaru over the Tacoma slapped us in the face as we high centered 6 miles before the wilderness boundary. Hiking in the dwindling light and then starry light we found a camp at 10:30 and slept the sleep of smiles. The Little Sandy Buttress eluded us in the morning but the detour graced us with views of the North end of a glorious drainage. The only trace of humanity a rusted and defiant metal bed left from who knows when. The stories that bed could tell. Hiking to granite rock and alpine lakes sought after by our hungry eyes erased the soreness of legs and knowledge that we were taking our climbing gear for a walk. The wall was amazing but required more time, the next time. The only climbing was horizontal today, but what an amazing day. Fresh Brooke trout and cold water on the aching legs brought us back to the childlike sleep, often hard to find during the workweek. Fresh in the morning we started out towards a crack that caught our eyes. A smaller, less committing, and completely unknown climb with a walk off descent, hopefully. After a pitch of fun climbing to a great belay ledge viewing the valley and base camp below, Jed made it halfway up the second pitch before the crack in the corner disappeared. A steep roof above without a clear continuation of gear friendly crack lent continued progress to high risk of a bad fall in a far away place. Safely rapped of the wall and boulder fielding back to camp we saw the morning as a success, we were healthy, happy, and it was sunny. The packing of our gear for the trek out was not a rushed pack. Lingering on the soft valley floor near the Little Sandy River was more enticing than going back. But we had to go back. More importantly we will be back to that magical drainage in the incredible Wind River Range. Thanks Jed and Meghan Doherty Wolfrom. check it... dirtmyth.blogspot
Posted on: Fri, 01 Aug 2014 02:14:45 +0000

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