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Wednesday April 9 , 2014 On This Day In The Life Of Elvis (photo info at the end of post) April 09, 1953 The Humes High School band presented its annual Minstrel Show at 8:00 p.m. in the auditorium, with Elvis the 16th listed act on the bill, as Guitarist.....Elvis Presley. Both Elvis and his class mates dated this as the beginning of his rise to fame. According to Elvis: I wasnt popular in school. I wasnt dating anybody. And then they entered me in this talent show, and I came out and did my Till I Waltz Again With You by Teresa brewer. It was amazing how popular I became after that. April 09, 1955 Elvis performed at the Louisiana Hayride, municipal Auditorium, Shreveport. April 09, 1956 Elvis and the band flew to Wichita Falls, Texas where he performed at the Municipal Auditorium at 7:00 and 9:00 p.m. April 09, 1957 Elvis and Dewey Philips dropped by Sam Philips house late in the evening. They played some pool. April 09, 1960 Back home in Memphis Elvis went on a shopping spree. Later in the evening he went with his entourage to the Rollerdrome and the Memphian. April 09, 1962 Principal photography for Girls! Girls! Girls! began. Each morning from now on Elvis wardrobe was brought to the hotel before he was driven to the set for makeup. April 09, 1969 Elvis was given the rest of the week off by a studio doctor because of a sore throat. He would spend the week in Palm Springs. April 09, 1972 Elvis performed at the Coliseum, Hampton Roads, Virginia at 2:30 and 8:00 p.m. This show was filmed by Abel and Adidge film crew, while RCA recorded this evening show. April 09, 1973 Because of Elvis disappointment in Ed Parker, Kang Rhee awarded Elvis with a 7th degree black belt in his Pasaryu school of karate. PHOTO : Concert at the Coliseum Hampton Roads , Virginia April 9 , 1972 ..8:30 pm ~Sharyn
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