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What an amazing Day we had yesterday hamdiallah. it started out rocky, but it turned out good hamdiallah and the kids got to enjoy a lot of candy and food. We at Volunteer libya would like to thank a few people Bäscheer Gheryani for his amazing and quick flyer design. Thank you: please visit his page: https://facebook/Bashir.Gheryani.Photography Fuad Ramadan for his talented singing and getting the crowd hyped up. the Libya break dance group Seraj M GA GA for his stand up comedy show The staff police at Tripoli Medical Center for being so kind and gracious and helping us out last min. and the amazing Volunteers who worked hard before and after. Farah, Mohmed Mohamed MohaMed Himo Wezy Khadija Jabir Emma Mackey But a SPECIAL thank you goes to Suliman and Muhanned for all their hard work, and mostly for all their driving around to pick up the food, and working night and day to assure that our guests had things to drink and food to eat. Last, to our sponsors, THANK YOU so much for everything! we appreciate it and we cant wait for our next event inshallah. Here to the Kids with Cancer, May they beat all the odds and win the fight against cancer inshallah.
Posted on: Sun, 26 Jan 2014 07:32:42 +0000

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