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What is Minimalism anyway? A movement, an ideal, a state of mind, a reaction to a hoarding parent or a disorganized childhood? Likely any or all those things. If the idea of living with less is appealing to you, read on for some ideas to get you there: A minimalists life is well thought out, possessions are acquired and saved based on a clear and present need for them. Minimalists know the difference between need and want. A minimalist is more likely to lease, rent or borrow items that many of us own: vehicles, property, sports equipment, books, clothing, power tools. A minimalist lifestyle is present-centric, meaning items from the past are not saved and items are not acquired ahead of their need. Minimalists do not feel the emotional attachments to objects that many people have. They are experts at letting go. Its challenging when the minimalist also belongs to the small home movement which seems to be gaining ground. Young people, environmentalists and down-sizing baby boomers are groups choosing to live in small spaces. Organizers help to maximize storage space in any situation and can advise clients regarding appropriate purchases. Minimalists do indeed buy things but generally adhere to some basic rules about minimal acquisitions: they dont make impulse buys, they dont generally buy multiples, they dont shop around, they are usually brand, store or chain loyalists. A minimalist recognizes and appreciates the value of quality versus quantity. A minimalist chooses to own less regardless of his/her financial status.
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