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What next.... One of our survivors contacted us last night.... Karen I just got a strange call from this number: 0844984449 he just said I called for a car I said no and he says may be my boy friend called I said I dont live with my boy friend and he said were in the accident I said yes then he closed his phone! This really bugged her and she could rest so she went to the police and founf out this..... Hey Karen, I reported this man to the police here only to find that someone is trying to buy acar under my name. The Indian man is a car dealer who refused to give the police his physical address. He just ended the call. WOW......in discussion our survivor informed us... But I lost documents during accident and my memory stick had my CV. I lost my payslip! Furthermore He even knew that Im a black lady who was involved in an accident!
Posted on: Sun, 01 Dec 2013 06:50:06 +0000

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