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When I observe all the monies our own people steal from our confers and look at the very very poor lives many of our citizens endure in urban squalor and deprived rural communities, I see how. heartless Ghanaians could be to their own and see no reason to blame the colonialists for exploiting this rich but poor land and enslaving her sons and daughters. Another 6th March will soon arrive and I can already hear the cheers which, swallowed Nkrumahs voice andmessage. I can imagine how my late grandmother Nma moari danced. And, I can see how all the hope and joy they drowned in speedily drained through the gutters of selfishness and greed of our leaders and people; the men and women they have trusted so much and supported through thick and thin. I believe its selfishness and greed that got our people easily colonized in the first place. Those who bleed our country dry can never be our friends. And, those who quietly look on because they dont want to make enemies should be considered our enemies as well whether they benefit from such acts directly or otherwise. If your want to be in the good books of our enemies then you are our enemy and we must treat you as such. Those who are selective on exposing and condemning corrupt acts are as guilty as those who are silent. You too are our enemies. Expose and condemn corruption everywhere you encounter it even if nothing concrete would be done about it now.
Posted on: Tue, 23 Dec 2014 10:48:27 +0000

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