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Zsolt Beatinspector Janossys Summary - digital jockey, electronic performer, organizer, idea factory I started as a party animal I think thats how they called it. -a party animal (informal) someone who likes going to parties a lot and goes to as many as possible I was one of the luckiests in Budapest one night in the 1990s when DJ Miyoko spinned some records. I hope I remember the artists name right... Me and my friends visited the show every Wednesdays after this. She played Hardwires mindblowing bigbeat tunes from the album „Fuse” mixed just in the right way with many others. She was amazing! Then something changed. I started using a software to make my own mixes from my own collection. I made mixtapes, short mixes for radio stations, for friends and for some occasions and for myself as well. The collection has been built since mid 1990s. Later those mixes were lifted into programs of radio stations like Extreme Radio Budapest and Rádio Café, Budapest for some occasions. Pöpp FM and Tilos FM also hosted my live sets, respect ! I participated in Handjob Records as International Connections Manager then I changed ship line and I went individual. Finally I started doing live sets in a bar in ... again Budapest, Hungary. Yes, thats where Im from. Some are mentioning me as Conductor of soundwaverider nightsor Notorious atmosphere accountable either Good mood diplomat. Past, present and future efforts will turn into an Internet based radio station through lots of music genres and moods under Beatinspector supervision. The producer in me is slowly but surely coming to life also. Description Beatinspector is an enthusiasthic electronic performer (expert laptop dj – no automatic mixing, no automatic playlists). Hes primary aim is to pierce holes into the armour of everdays boring lifestyle by performing music mixes, radio shows, live shows to yer ears and mind whilst enthusianism is dripping out from the speakers. In 2006 he turned to music more seriously and understood the positive feedbacks coming time after time from entertaining businisses, audience, collegues. After he returned to Hungary from Ireland in 2008 hes making efforts to push things forward in his projects which are very diverse and most of the topics are on the drawing board still. Beatinspector recognizes the importance of music psychology. Resident dj in Budapest for Illegal on Tuesdays and Thursdays also in Szatyor Bár és Galléria on Saturdays. Former resident in Nemdebár and Púder Bárszínház. Specialties Digital Jockey (DJ) performances Mobile dj Lounge, bar, club functions FestivalDJ Music background for training courses and venues or etc. Charity and fundraiser actions Ship line dj Visual productions (photo, video, VJ) Event and party organization Audio editing Some digital designs Social media Nightlife Music collections description Jazzy, balkan beats, bigbeat, breakbeat, dubtechno, cha cha cha , psychedelic cumbia, chill, downtempo, lo-fi, hip-hop, lounge, old school type drum and bass - jungle, dub, reggae, electro, funk, house, minimal techno, IDM, junkie rock, grunge, latin, oldie, ska, electro swing, trip-hop, broken beats, modern lounge, versions, remixes, sound effects, smokaholic beats, ghetto funk...etc... Style Beat-a-min Musictherapy Soundwave-riding All School Selection Essence of 20 yrs music Fluid, nuanced sound-orgy Arriving in time, leaving in time.. Subjective adventures in different genres and styles through special gateways Venues I have been invited to play music MadameMoustache, Brusseles – Belgium ( Danny Breaks, Lalai Drama, Dj Sofa) Le Cafe Central, Brussels - Belgium (Sheperd, Lowdjo, Victor French - Inside-The-Box djs) Nemdebár,Budapest Ijjász Söröző és Club, Budapest Kiserkel,Budapest Dürer Kert, Budapest A Gyár, Budapest A Grund,Budapest CuCu Bár & Bazár, Budapest Monyó,Budapest Vittula, Budapest A klub, Budapest Blog Music Club,Budapest Kuplung, Budapest Mumus, Budapest Oli Sörpincéje,Budapest Oli Nyári Sport és Sörkert, Budapest Pótkulcs,Budapest Butik Presszó, Budapest A Klub,Székesfehérvár Ellátó Kert,Budapest Harbor Hajó, Budapest Eszkort Pub, Budapest Pántlika,Budapest Beertok Fesztivál 2011, Kismaros Cöxpon AmbientCafé, Budapest Szatyor Bár és Bazár, Budapest PúderBárszínház, Budapest Hervé Fabrik, Budapest Artkatakomba,Budapest Részeg Szabó / Drunken Tailor, Budapest BeertokFesztivál 2012, Szob R33, Budapest Szféra, Budapest Illegál,Budapest ZegZug, Budapest Kalicka, Budapest CDFŰ, Budapest WNDRLND, Budapest Frisco Cafe, Budapest Dzzzs! , Budapest Gólya, Budapest Super 8, Budapest Instant, Budapest Műcsarnok Terasz, Budapest Associated Djs Man Eats Twenty2 Live Scorpions (HUN) Aelx (HUN) Benzon (HUN) Ohmikron (HUN) Dj Direct (HUN) Györemix (HUN) Royal Vic (HUN) Audiolife (HUN) Krisz Deák (HUN) Dj Direct (HUN) Danny Breaks (UK) Dj Sofa (B) Sheperd (B) Lowdjo (B) Victor French (B) Lalai Drama (B) DJ CV Zsolt Beatinspector Janossys DJ CV: Description of music library balkan beats, bigbeat, breakbeat, dubtechno, cha cha cha , psychedelic cumbia, chill, downtempo, lo-fi, hip-hop, lounge, old school type drum and bass, dub, reggae, electro, funk, house, minimal techno, IDM, alternative rock, grunge, latin, oldie, ska, electro swing, trip - hop, sound effects, etc... The above mentioned genres showing a wide range of music collection are available for background music, dancing events, lounge, easy listening functions and more. Description of sound knowledge The speed of sound in dry air at 20 °C (68 °F) is 343.2 metres per second (1,126 ft/s). This fact forces the sound technicians to deal with sound delay if the auditorium reaches an extensive size. Sound is a mechanical wave that is an oscillation of pressure transmitted through a solid, liquid, or gas, composed of frequencies within the range of hearing. Sound also travels through plasma. Sounds, sound designs, music have their impact on affection. They could be used trough psychology and therapies exploiting its good effects. Even plants admire good music thanking with healthy and more developed flowers and leaves. Description of professional DJ experience In 2000 I started to create music mixes with a software distributing airtime material for radio stations, creating nice CDs for friends and for myself. After I got motivating recognitions time after time finally my friends named me Beatinspector as a dj. They explained this with my former service in the police forces and the punctual bpm mixing I showed. I started my live performing dj career in 2008 Budapest, Hungary. A very important event in 2010 led me into Bruxelles, Belgium to perform a warm-up session for Danny Breaks (UK), Lalai Drama (B), Dj Sofa (B). After this show I decided to make efforts to become an busy and recognized dj who represents good music showing respect towards the musicians and producers efforts. Many venues enjoyed my dj sessions under different event titles. I prefered event series, so I became a resident dj in Budapest, Hungary at multiple venues. No more CVs, only CDs ! - saying Beatinspector My short description 37 years old Hungarian single male. Flexible, open minded, caring. Enthusiastic, friendly personality. Conductor of soundwaverider nights, notorious atmosphere accountable, good mood diplomat, starting in time, leaving in time.. Beatinspector events are mainly mixed cross-over which suggests that several genres could come up in one show. This is maintained deliberately by nicely overarching the airtime during the program. I dont like floating too much or too often between types of music. A dj is also a teamplayer and could act as a customer service of the venue sometimes I think. Significant puzzle of the event. Extras More than 2000 hrs live performance More than 1000 hrs recorded sets More than 400 gigs in the last 3 yrs Lots of genres to alloy Gramm scaled beats 5 years experience in live entertaining Engaging personality Reference contacts are available upon your request.
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