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before ta ninyo mag judge nga gituyo ang pagsunog sa kahoy nato nga eskwelahan, basa sa ta ani. DILI ARSONISTA ang taga ASC. SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL IMPLICATION our school is applying to be one of the senior high schools in the city. This tragedy will negatively affect our application. it will take some time to complete the construction of the building and more importantly to buy equipments which are needed for the approval of our application. ESC SCHOLARSHIP RE-CERTIFICATION Most of the High school students are ESC Scholars. They do not pay any tuition and other miscellaneous fees from first year to fourth year. This is made possible because of the ESC Scholarship. IT so happened that this year, we are scheduled to RE-CERTIFY our school so that the incoming grade 7 students next year can still avail of this scholarship. HOW can the school get a good rating without a building or without any equipments? we fear that this could be the end of the ESC scholarship offering of the school. kalooy sa mga bata. Damaged Equipments: - computer sets, printers, software, DLPs and other technological gadgets sa College and High school comlab (dili ni insured nga mga butang) - the state-of-art speech laboratory which could amount up to more than half a million (dili ni insured) - the newly purchased equipments for the Science Laboratory in preparation for our BSED mjor in Gen Sci offering. - newly purchased air-conditioner for the different offices and laboratory nga wala pa mataod. - newly purchased and newly installed equipments for the NC II Cookery/ HRM Laboratory (walay na save biskan isa) - the never-been used equipments for the NC II SMAW (shielded Metal and Wielding) wala jud magamit ug walay nahipos.... the school has invested so much on this for this would have been the flagship TESDA course of our school. LIBRARY - being the only Graduate School in the City, our college library boasts of our Masteral Thesis collections. wala jud tawoy nahipos ato... biskan kato man lang Thesis ni Mr. Talicug kay about to sa history sa ASC - the high school library also has an extensive collection fiction books. walay ni isa nga na-save. sa mga nadamay sa sunog. pasayloa kay sa school nagsugod peru wala jud na gituyo
Posted on: Sun, 20 Jul 2014 05:49:01 +0000

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