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by Tenzing Dakpa This is my blog link ( Seeking the voice of truth ********************************* Imagine you are five or six years old and separated from parents and relatives, scattered in different countries, what will you do? How would you feel? Let me share a true story with you and how I faced my life without my parents and relatives, this is a true occurrence with me being one of the Tibetan children who faced problems without parental support. After the reform of the CCP (Chinese government party) they started to conquer the Tibet plateau, they destroyed more than six thousand monasteries and killed over millions of Tibetan people, both monk, nun and lay people,and left thousands of children as orphans, still lots of Tibetan children are seen begging around Lhasa street. Until now Chinese government did not encourage education for the Tibetans, but were only focused on importing communist ideology and their language, Tibetan students were not allowed to study Tibetan language, that’s why our parents sent us to India for conserving our tradition and for further study. From Tibet to Nepal it takes two to three days by bus, but for us it took more than one month, as we are not allowed to go other nations, from Lhasa to Nepal we walked, we crossed rivers and mountains to reach India, but if Chinese see us, they will shoot on sight, that’s why we had to walk during night and sleep in noon, that time I was only six years and cried a lot as I was scared of darkness and was also feeling and cold, but fortunately we reached Nepal and from there they sent us to India. I started to go to school when I was seven years, and though couldn’t remember much of it, after a time I reached in sixth standard and I still remember how I missed my parents, I used to talk with moon as parents, every night I used miss my parents, whenever I miss my parents I feel so lonely and get anger so easily, and I used to brake things in frustration. Years later I joined class ten, but still I didn’t have proper clothes and shoes to wear, my clothes were crumpled and most of the time I wore school uniforms, because our school used to provide it to us when it was torn, and what I can’t forget is that I never had enough food, even in class 10thI used to be hungry and best thing is I have some friends, their parents are staff in our school and they helped used to bring some food for me, and for my other friends who were left alone, but what really touches my heart is that we used to share everything, even it was Rs.10, that’s what makes a friend much more than my relatives. Now it’s been 13 years since I have seen my parents, I am sure they too must be waiting to see me; they would have turned grey and developed wrinkles over the years thinking of their children. I certainly hope to meet them someday, and would make them feel proud of me. The worst moment for me was when my classmates or friends came with their parent on the day of admission, and especially when I was filling the applications, there were some questions that moved me to tears, like parents’ monthly income, their contact number and permanent address, such questions tell me or remind me that I am a refugee here, if you were on my place, how would you have felt? Awfully painful, isn’t it??? It’s not only me who is feeling lonely, but there were still thousands of children, struggling without parents and relatives, some of them are four or five years old, they don’t have anywhere to go, no one is there for them, this is the plight the Chinese government has brought on us. I am writing this not to gain sympathy, but to create awareness about the difficulties, we Tibetans face in others’ hands, we hope you will empathize with us in our circumstances.
Posted on: Thu, 22 Jan 2015 12:00:01 +0000

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