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to who it may concern ..... just been for me 3 mile swim in the sea and was on me 5 mile run , i was running down this country lane when i seen a farmer trying to fix hs combined harvester [think thats the longest word i know ,,, whats yours ]anyway by the time i got along side him the machine had started itself up and chopped his head off.. jesus i thought what am i going to do here so i phoned for an ambulance and told them all about it ... put his head in ice and we can try to stitched it back on was what they said .. so i sprinted to the farmhouse and asked his wife for a carrier bag full off ice cubes .. she gave them to me so i pelted back and put his haed in the carrier bag.. the medics came and took the body and the head to the hossie,, still had 2 mile to do so off i went and finnished me run .. by the time i got back to me house the bizzies are there to arrest me for murder ... apparently i.d suffercated the poor man ... eeee you could.nt make it up.. he he
Posted on: Sat, 06 Jul 2013 07:41:20 +0000

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