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today I want to explain WHY people struggle to make fast, radical changes in their bodies Do you lack motivation? Well, if you were hired as the leading role in the next Hollywood blockbuster and had to get in unreal shape– or offered a billion pounds to get a six pack – or someone held a gun to your head and you either did it or got your brains blown out – you’d get it done, right? So I doubt you lack the motivation… But sometimes people feel de-motivated and unable to even make the slightest step forward to even enquire about a fitness program I see this all the time and talk to a lot of people each week about this very issue Reason being, it’s NEVER the right time to get started Or at least, it can seem that way And PERCEPTION is everything < < REMEMBER this So the first step towards FAILING at a fitness goal, say losing 2 stone of bodyfat, is perceiving everything around you to be a negative: Perhaps you see your family as needing to eat what they want, and you don’t want to sit there eating salad every evening whilst they’re eating spaghetti Bolognese, so you end up giving up and joining the carb-fest Maybe you have co-workers who question your lunch choices, ‘are you eating tuna salad AGAIN?’ – and this causes you to question yourself too Or are the scales showing the same bodyweight despite your diligent effort at hitting the gym 5x per week and eating only healthy foods? ^^ OR maybe you’ve experienced one or more of these in the past and that makes you reluctant to try again as you feel you can never change? Truth is, you can certainly change And on our privately coached Body Transformation Programs we will teach you: 1) how to enjoy family time without missing out on all the fun foods so you can continually make rapid changes in your muscle tone and body fat levels whilst also having a great home life, this then makes it easy to maintain your new lifestyle too 2) How to handle negative people in an AWESOME way, and how to get support from your training partners (you’ll train in a group environment) who are going through the same things as you – it’s about team work and a group atmosphere so you can feel good about making a change at the same time as watching your body radically alter into your ideal shape 3) The best ways to track results to get you off the scales and looking at the REAL numbers that will tell you exactly how well you’re doing, and how to alter your nutrition accordingly, so you can watch the body fat melt away and your body tighten and strengthen day-by-day Apply now to join our private body transformation group:
Posted on: Thu, 15 Jan 2015 11:00:00 +0000

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