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wondering why Obowmao is in bed with BRAZIL..Why they are now the number one in farming...and exports...why obama sold them our oil rights in the gulf....why your new car and boat engines will be ruined with the INCREASED ETHANOL they are supposed to be warning you about but are not....LOOK FOR THE WONDERFUL GREEN AL GORE.....and some of the most toxic chemicals on earth. READ READ READ.....and realize...there is THEM and the rest of the world who they let you think you are a part of it . AL GORE invested in chinese product factories...like windmills, lights, earth friendly whatever bs....and then went on a chicken little the sky is falling due to false global warming....and he and all his political friends became billionaires as he manipulated the markets worldwide. And his father with Armond HAMMER...the AMERICAN COMMUNIST PARTY.....how nice. And this is the money driving Hillary...BILL...OBOWMAO....JARETT...and its all foreign money running the USA that no longer exists. If you follow the portfolios I wouldnt doubt all the congress is getting very rich ......of course this is just opinions... And this is why scientists say there is no global warming...and more polar bears than ever.
Posted on: Wed, 20 Nov 2013 04:16:05 +0000

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