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GUESS WHAT ? Challenge 2 Hello Fellow creators , Inventors challenge you to this My name is Simon Mark Ariss (not a lot o people know dat) any how i am an inventor too . I am about to launch an internet Guess What Challange for rare individuals such as yourselves to hopefully takepart so heres the Guess What ? Challange Guess What? Hot Air Ships !!! for Families . Your Ship must have a sausage or torpedo shaped insulated hot air container approx 6m long x 3m wide and 2.5m high of a rigid form made from a suitable material eg fibreglass , carbon fibre or even balloon material with an inflatable sewn internal frame that wouldmake this material easily deflated for storage with a3 or 4m long gas burner giving even heat distribution to a rectangle closable opening for hot air burner to funtion and possibly keep bubble heated when closed as 4 or more lightweight lithium powered articulated fans would give lift and propulsion and the gas bottles and batteries stored lower down will give stability in the air The insulation used today in houses was developed by Nassa and comprises of foil and foam type thin layers which in the not too distant future could double up as a solar jacket charging lithium batteries as could the Solar Sales giving lift and thrust for added safety simple parachutes must be on board and 3 or 4 sprung landing wheels aided by reusable air bags should they be needed . The Smart Phone will play a valuable roll in the production models controlling gas burnrs altitude ,Gps and of course an anti colission app I think thats everthing so good luck and i do hope you take on the challenge We know baloons fly quite safely and they are not fan assisted and that basket is heavy and up to 20 people in an air baloon so good Luck from Simple Simon with a multitude of inventions in my head all doable in my book so happy days and Christmas too Simon [email protected] Google+ and F Book too tel france from uk call 0033(0)233451240 please also see Ps this has been sent to Colin Furze and Top Gear Please post videoes here and youtube etc scale models also welcome to take part !!!!!
Posted on: Thu, 25 Dec 2014 17:20:11 +0000

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