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Ok, i was having this conversation via inbox with a female and it was a controversial one, infact, she ended up blocking me because she couldnt believe the truth and reality i dropped on her. She inboxed me about this.. . why cant MEN cut their coat accordingly to their size? Why cant men just know that Not every woman is made for them, class matters alot in terms of love, relationship and marriage Listen up LADIES,. for you are a graduate and was fortunate to be widely educated doesnt mean that any man that comes asking for your hand in marriage and he is Not educated as you are, aint worth having you,.. You ladies better wake up and smell reality.. You were fortunate to be educated,. Not every man MUST be educated as you are,. For all it is, your level of education doesnt makes you a wife material, its ONLY an additional merit to civilization. You have a mater degree, he is business man who has never seen the four walls of a lecture hall and you say he is Not my type? then who is your type? Or are you saying all the able and capable business men who aint educated aint husband material ? You can help that man who aint educated as you are and loves you real good, to be an educated person, you can bring your ass down and tuitor him on some basis in areas that he is lacking.. You can help him with his english vowel sounds the lady i had a lengthy conversation with, said that over her dead body will she marry an illeterate when she is an HND holder. Smh,. I guess she aint ready to be married,. you see a man that gots his own business, a trader,. And you are saying you need a man that works in an office or a firm.. Smh, is that how greedy you can get? Cant you work hand in hand with him from the scratter under matrimony to get to the top of having his own office or firm ? To be honest, a man that got his own shop/business is more better than that man working in an office under someone, he is more covered from all angles and doesnt depend on monthly paycheck, he is sure he wont loss his job because all he gotta do is to struggle hard to remain in business, inshort, he could even grow to making it a company and having offices.. So, all am saying in essence is that your educational level in life gotNothing to do with LOVE, RELATIONSHIP AND MARRIAGE,. remember, LOVE KNOWS NO BORDERS /BOUNDARIES. It goes to places unexpected .., Know who loves you make it Work, for LOVE is the qualification you NEED.
Posted on: Sun, 07 Dec 2014 05:29:54 +0000

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