THE MONARCHS OF MAGIC and the PSYCHIC SPIES of ISRAEL: Former British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, used psychic phenomena to help himself avoid capture when he was an escaped Prisoner of War. During the Boer War he had been captured, and sought sanctuary amongst pro-British sympathisers. In Churchills autobiography he admitted he was guided by some form of planchette (a Spiritualist tool which is often used as a pointer on Ouija Boards) to the only house in the region that was sympathetic to the British cause. In other words, Churchill used a psychic method of divining which house he should seek refuge in. If he had chosen the wrong house, he would have been re-arrested and would surely never have survived the ordeal... Report by https://facebook/ChristopherEverard Never forget that Churchill was a mason-druid, who had been ordained into the Grand Ancient Order of Druids at Blenheim Palace. Throughout his life, he experienced many times when his psychic sixth sense saved his life. Churchill was rumoured to have had an affair with Helen Duncan who was arrested and questioned as a con-artist-psychic and a suspected war-time spy. Churchill sent an irate ministerial note to the Home Secretary; Give me a report of the 1735 Witchcraft Act - and showed his support for Helen Duncans claims to have been able to create ectoplasm. The photos of Helen Duncans seances show tissue, handkerchiefs, soap and smoke being used to simulate what many of her clients claimed to have seen - these simulated ectoplasm photos ended up being used as some kind of evidence that the spiritworld did not exist... Regardless of Churchills support for her, in 1944, Helen Duncan was gaoled under the Witchcraft Act on the grounds that she had claimed to summon spirits. It is often contended, by her followers, that her imprisonment was in fact at the behest of superstitious military intelligence officers who feared she would reveal the secret plans for D-Day… The situation was tense - at the time of her arrest, a secret committee was meeting at the Bohemian Grove Swiss Cottage - amongst strange occult rituals and pageants which venerated Moloch the raw materials for the first A-Bomb were being assembled… 1944 was one of the most tense periods in geo-political history... Helen Duncan came to the attention of spy-masters at MI5 and Scotland Yard after supposedly contacting the spirit of a sailor of the HMS Barham, whose sinking was hidden from the general public at the time. She was potentially able to reveal circumstances which disproved British war-time propaganda - and a vicious Tabloid Newspaper whispering campaign was published to discredit her... After being caught in the act of faking a spiritual manifestation, Helen Duncan was arrested during a seance and charged with seven punishable counts: two of conspiracy to contravene the Witchcraft Act, two of obtaining money by false pretences, and three of public mischief (a common law offence). She spent nine months in prison. Although Duncan has been frequently described as the last person to be convicted under the Act, in fact, Jane Rebecca Yorke was convicted under the Act later that same year. The last threatened use of the Act against a psychic-medium was in 1950. In 1951, the Witchcraft Act was repealed with the enactment of the Fraudulent Mediums Act 1951, largely at the instigation of Spiritualists through the agency of Thomas Brooks MP. It is widely suggested that astrology may have been covered by the Witchcraft Act. From the 1930s onwards many tabloid newspapers and magazines carried astrology columns, but none were ever prosecuted. The Witchcraft Act remained legally in force in Northern Ireland, although it was never actually applied. ISRAEL: The Act is still in force in Israel, which is widely known to have fostered the Chaldean Kabbalah. When Buckingham Palace gave the Rothschilds a mandate to create their new empire of Jerusalem after the second world war, the Israeli version of the Witchcraft Act came into force in Israel. It remained in force - for example, article 417 of the Israeli Penal code [1977], incorporated legislation from British and Ottoman times. It requires two years imprisonment as the punishment for witchcraft, fortune telling, or magic for pay in Israel. The law in Israel applies only to practitioners of witchcraft who charge a fee… and is the law for Israelis and Palestinians alike... However, this did not stop many psychics from becoming popular in Israel - URI GELLER performed stage shows and there were advanced university-controlled experiments into Extra Sensory Perception in Tel Aviv throughout the 1970s. In fact, Jewish psychics have become well known in the REMOTE VIEWING COMMUNITY and MOSSAD has often employed psychic spies to second-guess the whereabouts of assassination victims. All this was revealed during a Harvard lecture by Dr Andrija Puharich who was the academic responsible for bringing Uri Geller to the mainstream USA and UK TV audiences in the 1970s. MONARCHS OF MAGIC... Why is this relevant today? Because at the KINGS LIBRARY in London, and in the archives of the British Museum, there are thousands of books of Black Magic written in Aramaic, Greek, Hebrew and Latin and many other languages. These black magic grimoire books were purchased by previous monarchs and constitute one of the biggest occult libraries on Voodoo, Necromancy, Scrying, Ghosts, Spells, Hexes and other paranormal black arts… THE ENIGMA CHANNEL is making ground breaking investigations and has been filming these ancient books for the first time in HD. Get a free program TV Guide here which has mind-blowing images of our expeditions around the world and also interesting 3D renders based on laser scans of the mummified Pharaohs of ancient Egypt. Grab it here enigmatv/the_enigma_channel/log_in.html
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